9 Fashion Staples: Travel Edition

You’ll definitely regret packing only T-shirts and Nike shorts for your upcoming trip.  But it can be difficult to decide what’s practical and photo-op-worthy.  Check out these 9 fashion staples that aren’t only cute but are extremely useful. 1. Infinity scarf-Packing an infinity scarf can spice up a dull outfit.  More practically speaking, it can… Continue reading 9 Fashion Staples: Travel Edition


How to Cure a Wanderlust Bug Bite

Once you've tasted the Italian gelato and cruised down the Seine, there's no going back.  But the crazy thing about a round trip is that there's the coming home part, which is uneventful and not dazzling.  After readjusting from the 7 hour time difference and recovering from a terrible cold, I fully came to the… Continue reading How to Cure a Wanderlust Bug Bite


7 Not-So-Touristy Souvenirs to Buy

It’s way too easy to buy the souvenirs that most others do: T-shirts, snow globes, and teddy bears.  But your trip is unique and what you buy should reflect that.  Here are some useful, memorable souvenirs that you’ll be itching to take home on your next vacation. 1. Postcards Yeah, they’re cliché, but some can… Continue reading 7 Not-So-Touristy Souvenirs to Buy


9 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack

Underwear?  Check.  Swimsuit?  Yep.  Headphones?  Of course.  We each have our list of items we are sure to never forget.  But it feels that almost every time you reach your destination, you can think of more items you wished you would've packed.  Below I've shared several items that are easy to forget but are necessities:… Continue reading 9 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack