7 Not-So-Touristy Souvenirs to Buy

It’s way too easy to buy the souvenirs that most others do: T-shirts, snow globes, and teddy bears.  But your trip is unique and what you buy should reflect that.  Here are some useful, memorable souvenirs that you’ll be itching to take home on your next vacation.

7 Not So Touristy Souvenirs To Buy.jpg

1. Postcards

Yeah, they’re cliché, but some can be great pieces of art in your home.  Even if you aren’t able to send the postcard home from the city you’re in, they’re definitely worth the 50 cents.  They’re easy to frame or place in a collage board once you return.Post Cards Photos France

2. Antiques

Yes, these are harder to find (aka they aren’t in the touristy shops), but they have more meaning than an “I ❤ NY” t-shirt.  Especially in places like Europe which has been established for much longer than America, you’ll find plenty of things.  I’m glad I spent the €10 on a religious book from the 1800s that I found at a small shop along the Seine River in front of Notre Dame located in Paris.  Even though I don’t understand many of the French words in the book, it’s a great decoration that has character and historical value.French Antique Book Livre

3. Jewelry

Although prices can get real steep, real fast, a piece of nicer jewelry will last longer than a magnet of the Bean in Chicago and will be more useful than a San Diego snow globe.  Sometimes the extra dollars, euros, pounds, etc are worth it for something that you’ll wear.  *It’s also a great conversation starter!

4. Boutique finds

These items, too, can get expensive, but you’ll most likely wear it more.  In Paris, I found a darling boutique called Anoki where I bought an adorable leather purse (32€) and bracelet (6€).  I found that prices of some items in this store were much more reasonable than many, many stores in Paris especially on the Champs-Élysées.Anoki Paris Purse Sac Bijoux Bracelet

Bonus: here are some more mementos that come free of charge—well, free on top of the original purchase.

5. Shopping bags

Although some may be only as glamorous as the THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU white plastic bags, others may have some artwork or phrases in the native language.  I still have my Anoki Paris bag because a)it’s cute and b)reminds me of the enjoyable time.  These bags can also be used as gift bags, a desktop decoration, or stylish storage.

6. Coins

It’s a bummer that virtually you can only exchange currency with bills (only for a “small” fee), not coins.  Although you can’t switch your pound coins for euro coins, they are nice, small treasures that fit in your wallet, meaning minimal space lost on the way home!LOUVRE NEW WM

7. Receipts

Okay, so receipts aren’t necessarily fabulous.  But it can fun to look back and see the different types of foods you ate, where, when (and how much—yikes!).  Especially if you plan to revisit the area, it will be much easier to remember the names of the places you visited on your previous trip.  Don’t forget to save your ticket stubs and museum booklets, too!

{What do you like to bring home from your trips?}


  1. […] Shopping-Well, of course, you have to go shopping when you’re in Paris!  You may be spending a fortune on airfare, lodging, etc.  But it’s a great idea to pick up some things to remember your fabulous time in the City of Lights.  Consider strolling the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.  I will warn you the prices are terrifiant, as the French say; finding a reasonable price is a challenge.  Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s fun to walk the streets and look at the nearby Arc de Triomphe.  If you are into more reasonably priced things (as I am), head over to the Latin Quarter.  I fell in love with a little boutique called Anoki Paris.  I bought a bracelet for myself for 6€ which was much kinder to my student budget than Louis Vuitton.  The next day I shopped around Montmartre and visited a different location of Anoki, and I bought a leather cross body purse for 34€.  (Yes, two times in two days :/ )  Be sure that you don’t come home with just J’aime Paris T-shirts, and read this post for some tips on shopping while traveling: https://roundtriptravel.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/7-not-so-touristy-souvenirs-to-buy/ […]


  2. […] 9. Keychain I remember when my friends were looking to buy Ladurée keychains for around $40 at Versailles!!  I was appalled–why would you ever spend that much on a silly keychain?  However, looking back I almost wish I would’ve bought a nicer keychain in France (but probably still not that expensive) because there were some super cute ones.  Even more they’re with you everywhere you go once you come back.  While keychains can be borderline tacky tourist, choosing a classy and cute one like at Ladurée ensures you don’t end up in that category (*inserts snobbish look here).  If you’re in need of other non-touristy souvenir ideas, read this. […]


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