9 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack

Underwear?  Check.  Swimsuit?  Yep.  Headphones?  Of course.  We each have our list of items we are sure to never forget.  But it feels that almost every time you reach your destination, you can think of more items you wished you would’ve packed.  Below I’ve shared several items that are easy to forget but are necessities:Version 2

Here are some extremely important items that aren’t on most general packing lists or are extremely easy to forget.

1. Earplugs Nothing makes you more grouchy than a snoring roommate or a loud A/C.  Don’t forget to bring these to make sure that you have your beauty sleep and thus a memorable trip (well, good memories)

2. Inflatable neck pillow This is a great idea especially for long car, train, or plane rides.  I wasn’t sure about bringing the extra weight in my bag, but this necessity makes a long trip more comfortable; it allows you to enjoy the next day due to more shut-eye on the ride beforehand.

3. Hand sanitizer Who knows how many people have touched that seat belt, that escalator, or that hand rail?  Bringing some hand sanitizer will save you time and germs.

4. Hairbrush After a long car, train, or plane ride, your hair may be sticking out every which way.  Bringing even just a comb can freshen up your look in under a minute.  Although this probably is on most packing lists, it’s a good idea to bring it along for the ride, too.

5. Currency of destination Be sure to contact your bank about retrieving euros, pounds, peso etc. before you leave.  Although you don’t want to carry the entirety of the money you plan to spend all in your wallet, it’s a good idea to have around $30-$50 US dollars converted into the other currency to make the beginning of the trip less stressful and less expensive.  (Rates can get very steep once at your destination.)  S/O to EF Tours and friends from my Europe trip for this lovely tip.


London Eye, England

6. Chewing gum It’s a pretty good bet your breath won’t be smelling like fresh daisies or roses after a number of hours of being on the road and through the airport.  Gum is an absolute essential to respect those around you!  It is also a great remedy to changing altitudes.

7. Plastic bags Whether it’s a giant black trash bag or a Target bag or even a Ziploc bag, these are extremely helpful.  These are perfect to throw wet washcloths or sandy towels in before leaving your destination.

8. Notebook If you’re going to spend all that money on a trip, you might as well remember it!  Spending even just 5 minutes after a long day at the beach or an exciting day in the city will maximize the experience.

9. Starbucks giftcard Yes, a Starbucks giftcard.  After a long ride, you will most likely be exhausted and need some caffeine or sweets.  If you have a smart phone, be sure to download the app; you can load money right on to it!  I was even able to pay via my app in Europe.  The app is extremely beneficial because you don’t even need to pull out your wallet to pay.  And you can earn those free drinks!!  But even more than just a cup of joe, Starbucks is more than just a coffeehouse to me.

Don’t let packing be a hassle with these 9 essentials.  Happy packing!


{What do you always forget to pack?}

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