How to Cure a Wanderlust Bug Bite

Once you’ve tasted the Italian gelato and cruised down the Seine, there’s no going back.  But the crazy thing about a round trip is that there’s the coming home part, which is uneventful and not dazzling.  After readjusting from the 7 hour time difference and recovering from a terrible cold, I fully came to the realization that I was home and not in Europe.  Sigh.  Home: where I couldn’t walk to see the sights and actually needed a car to do things.  Where fresh Nutella gelato wasn’t just down the road.  Where I couldn’t see the breathtaking Eiffel Tower or stunning Windsor Castle from my lunch spot.  Home felt so untrendy, boring and bland.  There is something to say for home-sweet-home, but sometimes it just can’t beat your fantastic travels.  When the wanderlust bug bites, here are some things you can do to cure it:How to Cure a Wanderlust Bug Bite Travel Europe.jpg

1. Hit up local cafes and grocery stores

Although gelato from the freezer aisle at the grocery store isn’t quite the same, European foods can be found.  Several blocks from the Pantheon, I had a magnificent granita di caffè, which is similar to a frappuccino.  A friend of mine mentioned that she saw that granitas were on the menu at a local cafe we’d been to a number of times.  And don’t forget to hit up Trader Joe’s for atypical food and drink.  I found Orangina (a pulpy orange soda I drank in France) there which brought a piece of France back home for me.  And if you’re someone who enjoys carbonated water, that’s fairly easy to find in the good ole U.S. of A.  (But please explain to me how you acquired that taste!!)

2. Have a trip reunion or throw a travel-themed party

There’s a good chance you’re not alone.  If you went with a tour group, plan to meet up, chat about the trip and look at pictures together.  If that’s not an option, throw a travel-themed party.  I threw An Evening in Paris themed party with French music, food and culture.  Whether or not your gal pals have traveled across the globe like you, no one is going to turn you down for a croissant or a nice Italian dish.  Seine River Paris France Europe Bridge.jpg

3. Culture yourself with foreign music and language learning

God bless America, but sometimes we’re so consumed in our bubble, we forget to acknowledge the many other cultures of this world.  When I visited France, I absolutely loved the language barrier.  I’d taken two years of French before and loved being able to puzzle piece what words I knew to communicate as well as learn on the spot.  But when first-hand foreign language experience is out of reach, turn to none other than Spotify for some culturing.  As far as French goes, Stromae, Yelle and MIKA are some of my favorites.  If you want to take a step further, try out Duolingo to learn more grammar and vocab for a number of languages.

4. Read travel magazines and watch travel T.V. shows and movies

It’s even possible to relive your Europe experience via your living room couch.  Subscribing to a travel magazine is a great way to “revisit” some places you’ve been to as well as introduce you to some new ones.  If you need a reading break, turn on your TV whether it be a travel movie or show.  One of my absolute favorite ways to “go back” to Europe is watching House Hunters International on HGTV. (Sorry not sorry for hogging the DVR.)  I’ve also recently tried watching a movie in French without subtitles.  Mind you, I’ve seen this movie a million times in English, but it was very cool to hear the different translations.  And even in my town, there’s a movie theater that shows international films, so get out there even if it’s a little weird at first.

5. Follow some foreign social media

Shake up your newsfeed so that it’s not all political rants and #OOTDs.  I’m low-key obsessed with @frenchweddingstyle, an Insta photography account all about French weddings.  The charming photos will make you drool for an engagement photo session in front of the Eiffel Tower (which is pretty much my life goal please and thank you).  One of my biggest inspirations for travel blogging is Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) whose gorgeous photos and fun adventures make her extremely memorable.

6. Make a scrapbook

Photos can tell some powerful stories and preserve precious memories.  I keep my Europe scrapbook at my bedside which puts my adventure into a concrete object to keep for years.  Be sure to include your top memories from the trip as well as label sights so it’s not just a bunch of random photos strewn together.  Because my handwriting is sketchy and I’m not the best cutting straight lines, I’m better off making my scrapbooks on Shutterfly and not with paper and stencils.French Scrapbooks France

7. Fill your room and home with anything and everything that reminds you of travel

Whether it’s a photography book or stationery, there’s more than enough memorabilia to decorate your home with.  I’ve hung up some of my own photos from my trip as well as displayed some postcards.  Post Cards Photos France

Don’t let the wanderlust bug infect you for good.  When you can’t leave home, there are still plenty of ways to soothe the aching for travel without leaving home.



{How do you ward off the wanderlust when you can’t jump on a plane?}

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