5 Must-Haves for Your Carryon

in a carryon
Okay, squeezing all your belongings for a one week vacay to the coast into one 50 lb bag is hard enough. And now you have to somehow manage to figure out what to put into a carryon that supposed to fit underneath your seat. Sometimes the process of packing a carryon is mind-boggling–even more than choosing five tops, four bottoms and two pairs of shoes for your weeklong trip. While you will need to decide for yourself whether or not it’s necessary to tote along your college mini fridge (ya know, in case you get hungry), here are some absolute necessities for your carryon.
1. Change of clothes-Isn’t it funny that even though we pay hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars on a plane ticket, they still manage to run late, get cancelled and lose our luggage.  Don’t let any of these mishaps ruin your trip and add an extra tee shirt and shorts in your bag; and don’t forget the undies 😉

Speck snap bag
2. Electronics-Staring at the headrest in front of you may seem extremely invigorating, but it may be wise to bring a laptop, phone and charger along to pass the time.

3. Contacts/glasses-These will make your beauty rest much more beautiful.
4. Boredom Busters-Being bored is not acceptable with this list of things to keep your wanderlust mind company.
5. Toothbrush-Trust me, your boyfriend will thank you!  After a ten hour transatlantic flight and questionable plane food (because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t fish), a toothbrush will leave you feeling much more (minty) fresh.
While it may be difficult to leave your one-of-a-kind hand massager at home, your shoulders will thank you for packing these items above, and there’s less stress (and muscle) involved in trying to squeezing all your belongings for your flight into one bag.

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