6 Winter Essentials for the Traveler

6 Winter Essentials for the Traveler

You feel like you’re trapped inside an iceberg in Antarctica.  Okay, maybe it’s really only winter, and you’re just walking out to your car…Basically it’s cold, but you really don’t want to look like a marshmallow in your college sweatshirt and high school swimming sweatpants (why do I even still have these?!, you may be thinking).  And all those upcoming holiday get-togethers with your extended family will most definitely include pictures that will go in the scrapbooks and family photo albums for years to come.  Oh, and there’s that one cousin or in-law who’s outfit is always on point.

It’s so, so possible to be stylish, warm and comfortable in the winter and holiday season.  So, take a look at these 6 easy items to spice up your winter look all while staying warm for your next trip visiting family.

1. Infinity scarf
This is definitely number 1 for a reason.  Infinity scarves are uber comfy yet bring your outfit from a measly 5 to a fabulous 10.  Pack some of these to add some interest to your plain white top.
2. Winter coat
If your trip includes outdoor activities, invest in an attractive (and toasty!) winter coat.  You’ll get more use out of it if you truly love your coat and want to wear it for years to come.  And you won’t be embarrassed to frame photos of your holiday get-togethers.  A fitted yet classic coat is the way to go to look your best while keeping your body heat in, well, you.
3. Gloves
Choosing a warm yet stylish pair of gloves will keep your hands from cracking from dry skin too soon.  But make sure the gloves are enough of a neutral or at least don’t clash with #2.
4. Knit headband
Wearing a hood or a knit hat may seem like a good idea in the moment, but say hello to hat hair.  Opt for a knit headband that’ll keep you cute as a button yet warm as… umm, toast?
5. Rain boots
No precipitation necessary for these trendy shoes.  These rubber shoes promise warmth and sturdiness.  And if you jazz them up with #6, you’re ready to roll.
6. Boot socks

Okay, boots are cute to begin with, but for some reason, adding some boot socks makes them much more sophisticated and cute-sy.

Don’t run for your sweatpants or t-shirts; opt for stylish yet comfy options (that fit in your suitcase) for the optimal holiday season.

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4 thoughts on “6 Winter Essentials for the Traveler

  1. This post is bubbly, lively and fun. I love how down to earth your blogging style is and there is some great advice here. Only thing I can say that is ‘wrong’ with it is that on tip #3 you say:
    “But make sure the gloves are enough of a neutral or at least don’t clash with #3.”

    But really that should say to make sure they don’t clash with #4.

    Liked by 1 person

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