20+ Itty Bittys for Your Travel Cosmetic Bag

You promised yourself you’d never forget packing socks after that one time.  Oh, and that one time you forgot underwear?  Whoops.  Okay, well, hopefully you’ve mastered these basics by now, but there’s a boatload of items we always wish we had packed.  But of course, we never remember until we arrive, or we know they [...]


Top 12 Stocking Stuffers: Traveler Edition

  Stocking Wish List: Traveler Edition by roundtrip featuring Kate Spade Ahh... holiday season.  To-do lists taller than Mount Everest.  And stress double that height.  And gifts... aye yai yai.  We've been friends for years, but am I supposed to buy her a gift?  Is it wrong to regift that hideous mug I got from [...]