Happy 1st Birthday

bday post finalA lot can happen in one year.  I replaced my brown boots for my Old Navy flip flops as always and swapped my coral shorts for jeans per usual.  I won a contest to meet one of my favorite bands.  I parasailed in Florida with my best friend (and bronzed ever so slightly).  I wimped out and gondola-ed up to the Continental Divide (sorry, not a fan of hiking through knee-high snow).  But beyond these experiences, a major moment of this year would hands-down be starting Round Trip.
One year ago today I started my blog on WordPress.  I’d never really thought about starting a blog.  My older sister had started a blog long before, and the inner younger sister in me was so against doing everything she did.  But she suggested I talk to her friend in the magazine industry who advised me to start a blog.  Hmm, what in the world would I blog about?  I don’t know… I don’t want to be just like older sister, T.  Well, maybe it would be fun…  And I really like travel.  So, why not a travel blog?big ben

A subsequent intense brainstorm session of every single possible story idea followed.  And another just as long sesh for the blog title along with advice from T.  And I cannot be more pleased that I decided to start Round Trip.  Whether you’re pushing yourself to the next level in your fitness endurance, crocheting skills or ability to relax, I feel that blogging fits right in with these in that they provide opportunities to grow yourself whether it be physically, mentally or intellectually.  I’ve been beyond blessed with this blog: a platform to share experiences, experiment with ideas and learn to spot the most effective approaches.
vatican outside
Through this experience, I’ve been able to relive my trips and turn my experiences into practical advice.  From A Brief Guide to Paris to 7 Not-so-Touristy Souvenirs to Buy, I’ve enjoyed looking back through my pictures and striving to make Round Trip a place you can gather tips for upcoming trips, discover places to explore or dream about those places.  Seeing Round Trip grow has been amazing especially with Round Trip’s Facebook and Instagram pages.  And s/o to my faithful friend M who subscribed to my blog near its start and encouraged me along the way.  As well as Abby Nicole for her loving support and great advice (p.s. you should check her blog out!).louvre
At the end of the day, your blog should be for you.  It’s easy to be consumed with stats and views and followers and likes and comments and reblogs, but at the end of the day, if you’ve enjoyed making something and you’re proud of it, you’ve done your job.  Period.  The freeing thing about writing is that there’s really no one right way to do it.  Just as each person has been blessed with a unique personality and set of interests, writing shouldn’t be just serious, only bubbly, solely to-the-point or always humorous.   Write to grow as a blogger and a person, not for braggin’ rights.

Happy 1st birthday to Round Trip!  And happy writing,


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