Top 12 Stocking Stuffers: Traveler Edition

Stocking Wish List: Traveler Edition


Ahh… holiday season.  To-do lists taller than Mount Everest.  And stress double that height.  And gifts… aye yai yai.  We’ve been friends for years, but am I supposed to buy her a gift?  Is it wrong to regift that hideous mug I got from White Elephant?  If I order this on Christmas Eve, will it be here by Christmas Day?  In a season focused on giving and spiritual meaning, it’s easy to get swept away with what, when, how much and is it over yet?!  But if you’re searching for the best stocking stuffers or small gifts for a co-worker or friend, look no further and take a look at my top 12 stocking stuffer ideas for the traveler.

1. Passport Holder        
Story time: Kate Spade was having this HUGE sale, and, of course, I had to stop by.  Let me tell you that 60% off brings you from IS IT EVEN LEGAL TO CHARGE THIS MUCH to REALLY OVERPRICED.  But hey, the stuff’s super cute and umm… status alert!!  Let me just say one of the least expensive things in that store is a passport holder.  So, if you want to wow your traveler friend or family member, a cute passport holder can make traveling that much more stylish.

2. Packing cube
Get down to business and opt for something that’ll help them do the dreaded chore of traveling: packing (ew).

3. Euro wallet
For the sophisticated traveler no less.  While an American wallet can serve you the same purpose, a Euro wallet makes traveling much more exciting and pretty.

4. Cosmetic bag
Because travelers can always use one more bag!  This is a fun gift in that it’s cute but also helps out big-time with finding a place for cosmetics or toiletries.

Sephora Collection beauty product
5. Mini hairbrush
This for-real was the best dollar I’ve EVER spent.  I carry around this retractable brush in my bag because sometimes the windy walk from the car to the building leaves my hair in complete disarray.  This light-weight and small brush provides a quick and easy fix to make your hair presentable on the daily.  Whether you’re sightseeing all day or suffering from serious bedhead from the 9 hour flight, this small brush will serve to freshen your look.

6. Kate Spade pens
Now that I’ve started my Kate Spade spiel, drop on in for some uber sophisticated pens to go along with #1!  BIC pens work great, but for some reason buying a gift with a fancy schmancy name (like my girl Kate) brings your gift from a lame 3 to an outstanding 11.  Hey, your traveler may even send you a postcard or give you a s/o in their travel journal (#8) thanks to these!

7. Monogrammed jewelry box
For my past birthday I received a gold zippable and monogrammed jewelry box.  Hmm, that’s nice I guess.  While it wasn’t something I’d outright asked for, I’m beyond grateful as it’s been extremely handy for trips.  This small square box has a place for rings, several dividers for earrings and a small drawstring bag for necklaces.  Each piece has a place of its own and avoids tangles with other objects.

8. Moleskine
Traveling without a notebook is a huge no-no.  While it seems somewhat wistful, romantic or just plain silly, journaling throughout your trip is worth the twenty minutes each day–heck, even five!  You’ll remember your trip better with the delicious meals, funny memories, exciting moments and top activities.  And Moleskine even offers travel journals with specific cities that include metro maps, space to record favorite dining spots and a little pocket for tickets and such!

OPI Trend on Ten Mini Kit. Holiday 2014 Collection
9. Mini nail polish
While suitable for any destination, these are especially great for the beach.  Whether you need to touch up or had zero time to paint your nails beforehand (because we all know we’re procrastinators when it comes to packing), mini nail polish takes up little space while getting the job done.  I received this gift set with 10 OPI mini polishes and fell in love.  Little space and lots of options.  {For some nail tips for your next trip, take a lookie here!}

CD RED de TAYLOR SWIFT – mundotkm
10. CD
If you want to take a slight step further than #11, this is your best bet.  While an iTunes gift card says I love you, but I can’t think of exactly what you want, a CD says I love you and know the perfect album for your next trip.  Giving them an actual hard copy of an album adds a personal touch.  If you know they’ve been wanting a certain album or have a hunch they might enjoy some of your own music tastes, this is the way to go.  And woah, if they’re going to a country with a different main language, go a little crazy and opt for some foreign music.  If your traveler is headed to a French-speaking country, I’d recommend Stromae for his upbeat sound.

for the blog. / Starbucks giftcard
11. Gift card
Ahh, the perfect gift for the lazy.  No, but really.  Gift cards to places like Target for their last minute essentials, Vera Bradley for some nice luggage, Kate Spade to afford #1 and #6, iTunes for a rockin’ new playlist for the flight or Starbucks to pay for your jetlag pick-me-ups (your app can pay in some other countries, too!) are truly the perfect gift. :: Extra | Sugar Free Gum | Extra Dessert Delights
12. Gum
This sounds really dumb, but having a nice pack of gum to chomp on during a flight or to fight bad breath post-escargot truly serves a helpful purpose.
Shopping for a friend or family member is a cinch for an upcoming trip with these stocking stuffers!

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