20+ Things Every Travel Cosmetic Bag Needs

cosmetic bag cover

You promised yourself you’d never forget packing socks after that one time.  Oh, and that one time you forgot underwear?  Whoops.  Okay, well, hopefully you’ve mastered these basics by now, but there’s a boatload of items we always wish we had packed.  But of course, we never remember until we arrive, or we know they most definitely would not have fit in our already overflowing bags.  So, here’s a list of 22 necessary (but beyond the basics) itty bittys for your next trip, and they all fit into ONE cosmetic bag!

1. Charger-Be sure to never miss that important call or text… or let’s be real: Taylor Swift’s new Insta posts with her adorable kitties, Meredith and Olivia!!
2. Neosporin-Because you never know when you’ll sprout a blister from those new heels or take a tumble.
3. Tampon-I think we can all agree we would rather not ask a stranger for one of these 😉
4. Toothpaste and retractable toothbrush-After an overnight flight, these will come in handy to freshen up, and again you may not want to ask a stranger for one of these like #3.  And when I say “retractable,” go for it; the minimal space is a wonder!
5. Contacts-Probably the most important thing you need since you can’t exactly borrow these.
6. EarplugsHONK.  SCREECH.  WAHH.  You don’t have to take my word for it; you already know to pack these heavenly little guys.
7. Headphones-Whether you want to tune out the crying baby two rows behind you or your sister in the seat next to you, headphones are a 100% must.

cosmetic bag new
8. Bandaid-You think, Man, imma dress cute and have the best Insta pics from my trip.  And naturally, you’d pack the most uncomfortable shoes in the world.  So, when the backs of your heels can take no more, slap on one of these bad boys to ease the friction.  Ahh, the price we pay for beauty…
9. Tweezers-You’ve traveled hours and hours, and you’re finally in Paris, ready for a traditional, fancy French meal (and baguette!).  And then you look in the mirror.  Guess last minute packing and shaving got in the way of the jungle of eyebrows up top.
10. Mini nail polish-It’s easy to get overwhelmed with pre-trip to-dos like hotel reservations, plane tickets and packing lists.  And often the things that have to be pushed to the back burner are beauty-related.  But once your chipped glitter polished and overgrown toe nails make an appearance on the shore, you may be wishing you’d packed at least a small bottle to bring your Snapchat Story game to the next level.
11. Mini brush-Clean up your look and tame that beast bed head after a long car ride or plane ride.
12. Nail kit-If you’re anything like me, you a) hate hangnails and b) always get hangnails when you don’t have clippers!  Pack these to keep your manicure fresh and fab!
13. Locks-Unfortunately, these are necessary.  Bring locks to secure your items and give yourself peace of mind.
14. Small bottles of meds-Cramps and tummy aches happen, and a quick pop of two ibuprofen can make your trip memorable in a positive and fun way and not oh-my-dang-where-is-the-nearest-bathroom way.

cosmetic bag 1
15. Mini makeup remover-Another addition to the mini theme, be sure to add in a small container of eye makeup remover pads so that your Day 1 Mascara doesn’t cake all the way till Day 7.
16. Lotion-Underwear?  Check.  Glasses?  Yep.  Socks?  Packed.  While we may remember the essentials, other necessities like lotion often slip our minds in the hustle and bustle.  But dry hands are almost as obnoxious as no #12.
17. Earrings (studs)-Because sometimes you just want to feel semi-attractive after hours in the car, in and outs of gas station restrooms and fast food stops (plus the free fryer perfume that comes along with that!!).
18. Spot treatment for acne-For those stupid, pesky zits that threaten to ruin the family Christmas card picture on the beach.
19. Aloe Vera-As someone whose fingers have sunburned before (is that even a thing?), I have a close relationship with this life saver.  Start with sunscreen, but be prepared for the burn.
20. Pony Tail Holder-These never hurt to have an extra on hand whether it be to pull back your oily hair or to help another sister out!
21. Baby Vaseline-Trust me; your boyfriend’s lips will thank me 😉  And for real, these are the cutest things ever!!
22. Pack Point-BONUS!  This may not go directly in your cosmetic bag, but it takes up no space and no money!  On this free app, you simply enter your destination, length of trip, type of trip (business/leisure), activities and bah-dah-bing!  The app checks weather and generates a packing list for you with categories ranging from Beach to Essentials.  It’s super helpful because it’s easy to forget things like pajamas, Qtips, pain reliever pills and swimsuit coverups!  While this app may suggest things like VPN keyfobs or suggest too many/too few of an item, you can easily check off an item, increase the amount and add an entirely new item.
cosmetic bag 2
While you’ll definitely be packing multiples for some of these (*ahem #3), packing at least one in your cosmetic bag ensures easy access for the journey there.  These itty bittys ensure you have the basics beyond just undies and pjs.


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