Hello, 2016

SAM_0922My, oh my!  2016 already?  These past few weeks have been abuzz with New Year’s Eve party planning, family time, coffee dates and holidays parties ranging from an ugly sweater rendez-vous to a DIY craft get-together.  2015 also included a fun getaway with my best friend to Florida, a trip to the mountains with friends (that gondola was a nice substitute for the freezing, knee-high snow on the hiking trail up to the Continental Divide) and several weekend trips for weddings.  I was able to reminisce over recent trips to London, Paris and Italy with some blog posts!!  And even celebrated Round Trip’s first birthday a month ago.

Looking forward, 2016 calls for another trip to Florida, the West Coast, the mountains AND a move!  I’m psyched for all the new adventures, places and experiences to come.  (I may or may not have already bought a new swimsuit, and it’s, like, January… oops…).  But with these adventures, places and experience follows lots of learning (which, of course, will have to be shared here!).  And plenty of change mostly due to the move!  While the new and unknown can be daunting, my New Year’s resolution includes owning these “updates” and adventures with a confident and positive attitude.  I’m excited to see how God grows me this year!

So, yeah, packing away the Christmas tree and Charlie Brown dinner plates can be a bit sad, but it would be much worse to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and eat your body weight in caramel corn on the weekly (Okay, maybe…?!).  So, basically, whether it’s to Christmas decorations, your fave vacay spot or your hometown, goodbye can, well, suck.  But hello to new years, exotic destinations or new cities draws a heap of opportunity and excitement.
Happy New Year, and welcome to 2016!!


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