11 Things to Buy if You Love France

Version 3It’s been almost two years since I visited France, and I literally can’t stop thinking about my très magnifique trip.  If you’re anything like me, you obsess over going back, but some days even jammin’ to Stromae and spammin’ Pinterest with 7 million “What to Pack for Paris” pins don’t soothe your wanderlust bite.  Take a look at these top 11 necessary purchases if you’re dreaming of France.

1. Postcards
This is hands-down the easiest and most inexpensive purchase.  Whether you’ve visited France before or spend your hours at the office dreaming of it, this one is for you.  I have the postcard I bought at the Louvre next to my bed.  Next to that one are several I bought in a postcard book from Epcot’s France in Disney World (which, by the way, was beyond magical).  Hang ‘em by your bed, on the fridge, on your desk.  It definitely brings back some happy memories for moi.

Post Cards Photos France

Here are some of my postcards from France and France in Epcot along with some personal photos from my European adventure in 2014.

2. Scrapbook
While purchases from vacay have this nostalgic, inexplicable ability to bring us back to the destination in a snap(shot), your personal pictures have an even greater power to help you relive your trip highlights.  I keep my Europe trip Shutterfly scrapbook on my desk, and it is definitely worth the $30-$40.  I always use Shutterfly which is simple to use and often has coupon offers!  And please note: this is not a sponsored post 🙂

French Scrapbooks France

I love looking back through my photo album and scrapbook to relive Europe.

3. Stationery
Why not brag about your amour de France to everyone you know?!  I’ve received some super cute French/travel-themed stationery from Marshall’s.  After throwing my Parisian soirée and receiving some fun French stationery, I enjoyed writing thank you notes on them.

4. Eiffel Tower
It’s a classic, and I love the one Dory gave me for my birthday.  It’s sitting on my desk and gives it an oh-là là vibe.Eiffel Tower France Scrapbook

5. Book
If you haven’t checked out my previous Disney posts about the best food and attractions in Walt Disney World, then you may not know that I basically fell in love with Epcot’s France.  After eating a sweet chocolate macaroon ice cream sandwich and having conversations with French cashiers, I couldn’t help myself; I had to buy something there!!  Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson may have been $20, but it’s such a beautiful and unique find.  This photography book showcases Paris in all its beauty.  But guess what?!  There is not one picture of the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre.  C’est quoi?  I know, I know, pretty cray…  Instead, it highlights the daily beauties of France beyond typical tourist spots.Paris in Color Book France

6. French soap
Lol, what?!  This one may seem a tad bizarre.  But my good friend Maria just visited France last month and came back with soap from Nice.  My pink bar of soap is actually too cute to even use.  It took me quite awhile to even take off the plastic…  Other than the fact that it smells good, it has a rustic chic feel and isn’t your state-of-the-art low-grade tacky tourist t-shirt… what a mouthful (and tbh, an eyeful!).savon de marseilles soap france

7. Magnets
If you’re in need of something to prop up #1 on the fridge, opt for some super cute magnets.  These can be borderline tacky tourist, but with an eye for some cute and sophisticated ones, you’re set.

8. Wall decor
Can I get an amen for Target?!  I browsed through a clearance section and found a black and gold Paris canvas on sale for not even $10. (And casually passed that info along to family conveniently right before Christmas.  Hmm… imagine that!)  Bring some French flair to your bedroom, office, bathroom, etc.  I’d also love to give a big s/o to Lucy Dodsworth from On the Luce for the wonderful suggestion of vintage travel posters.  I ordered these on a whim and am very pleased with the quality!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

9. Keychain
I remember when my friends were looking to buy Ladurée keychains for around $40 at Versailles!!  I was appalled–why would you ever spend that much on a silly keychain?  However, looking back I almost wish I would’ve bought a nicer keychain in France (but probably still not that expensive) because there were some super cute ones.  Even more they’re with you everywhere you go once you come back.  While keychains can be borderline tacky tourist, choosing a classy and cute one like at Ladurée ensures you don’t end up in that category (*inserts snobbish look here).  If you’re in need of other non-touristy souvenir ideas, read this.

10. Earrings
You’re probably cringing because images of “silver” J’AIME PARIS Eiffel Tower jewelry that turns green before your croissant makes it from your hand to your mouth.  But for my Parisian soirée party, I received some darling gold Eiffel Tower earrings from Francesca’s and so many compliments on them!  Again: classy is key.Version 3

11. Piggy Bank
I loved There’s a First Time for Everything’s idea about keeping a piggy bank.  It’s so beyond easy to just drop a few coins in here and there.  And it is a constant reminder that France doesn’t have to be all that far away.

You may be drooling for France, but no need to worry!  Who else is going to brag about their dazzling trip to everyone back home?!  Add these 11 purchases to your life to bring un petit peu of France into your life.  Still craving more France?  Here are some tips to relive your European adventure at home here.  Headed to Paris?  Be sure to check out my Brief Guide to Paris.


{How do you remember your trips once you go back home?}

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