My 7 Key Summer Pieces: Travel Edition

It is beyond me that summer is quickly drawing to a close!  From plane rides to bus rides, beaches to mountains, this summer will definitely go down in the books pleasantly with my three weeks of travel.  Always being on the go, I discovered some of my most treasured pieces when it came to travel.  [...]


How to Fly Solo: Travel Edition

Flying across the country hundreds of miles away from home alone?  You're crazy.  I’ve always navigated the airport with family or friends.  But this summer I had the opportunity to travel to the West Coast… sans family and friends.  When others are responsible for logistics and tickets, it’s easy to just sit back for the [...]

A Weekend in Los Angeles

Los Angeles: land of beaches, mountains and, of course, Hollywood.  With a city so renowned, I was so excited to embark upon my adventure to the West Coast.  Naturally, I turned to my black hole addiction known as Pinterest, and I became more confused and bewildered than when I began.  I soon learned about 4,109,275,844 [...]