My 7 Key Summer Pieces: Travel Edition

It is beyond me that summer is quickly drawing to a close!  From plane rides to bus rides, beaches to mountains, this summer will definitely go down in the books pleasantly with my three weeks of travel.  Always being on the go, I discovered some of my most treasured pieces when it came to travel.  With your last hoorahs on the horizon, take a look at these 7 key summer pieces and outfit inspirations for your last-minute travel plans.Version 2

1. T-shirt dresses

Why have I not jumped on the t-shirt dress train sooner?!  I actually would buy 10 of these in different colors.  They’re cute, comfy and easy to pack.  I bought mine at Target, and it was buy one, get one half off.  My only warning is they wrinkle so don’t forget a hanger and Downy wrinkle release.Los Angeles California Treasure Island Pro Pic

2. Birkenstocks

Yes, I know… Sandals with a price over $100.  Fortunately, I received them for my birthday, but I still would live in these.  My Birkenstock Arizonas are more dressy than my cheap flip flops, but they don’t possess the commitment of cutesy sandals which require buckling each wear.  Los Angeles California Palm Trees

3. Jumpsuits

Don’t let the hassle of unbuttoning each time to use the restroom phase you.  I bought my navy jumpsuit at Target (surprise), and it feels like I’m wearing pajamas.  I often receive compliments on it, but I quickly notify this person that I’m too lazy to find a matching top and bottom.  Especially when you’re traveling, jumpsuits can simplify packing and possibly could take up less space.

4. Sunglasses

These came in handy when I developed a gnarly eye infection.  Even the nurse practitioner at the urgent care said, “Eww!  I don’t even want to touch it!”  Wow, thanks…  My sunglasses saved my photos from this trip, but even so, sunglasses add more personality to your outfit and protect your eyes.  I’m committed to not spending ridiculous amounts of money on sunglasses because it’s too easy to break or lose them.  After my $5 Forever 21 sunglasses broke, I found some adorable Oscar de la Renta ones at Marshall’s for $10.Sunglasses Key Summer Travel Pieces

5. Earrings

Always a must, earrings can bring an outfit from casual to dolled-up.  I packed a simple black t-shirt dress (see #1), but my pearl earrings and monogrammed pendant necklace made the look more than just a single color.

6. High-waisted denim

I’m raising the roof because high-waisted denim is socially acceptable once again.  I like pairing my Sexy Boyfriend Shorts from Gap with a sister band HAIM tee and a black scrunchie.  Yes, denim is casual, but the high-waisted element adds a spark of interest and a bit of girl power punch.

7. Kate Spade Purse

I know you just ordered #2, and your wallet is talking back now.  Yes, Kate Spade is expensive, but my gold purse is not only chic but sturdy.  With many travels, you need a bag that can endure water, sweat and sand all the while being presentable for your photo album.

It’s not fun anticipating the goodbye to summer, but live these last few weeks to the full with these items to ensure a smooth and stylish trip.

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