Top 10 Beauty Products for Travel

When the Monday morning alarm buzzes, I’m usually not thrilled.  And I doubt you are either.  I know I try to snooze as long as I can and often cut short my makeup routine.  But when it comes to travel, your excitement for adventure may not match your desire to disregard your lack of sleep [...]


A Classy Afternoon in St. Louis

There’s something to say for trips to the amusement park and greasy corn dogs, but sometimes you gotta travel in style and class.  Riley and I began the day in St. Louis with only one thing set in stone, and we spontaneously chose the rest of the schedule throughout the day.  STL may be known [...]

5 Places to Visit in Orlando

I'm excited to announce my first guest post by my fabulous friend Abby!  She runs Living House, a blog full of upbeat encouragement and thoughtful reflection.  And she recently returned from Orlando, Florida and has some great tips.  Happy traveling! Back in July, my family took a trip down to Florida to spend five full [...]