A Classy Afternoon in St. Louis

There’s something to say for trips to the amusement park and greasy corn dogs, but sometimes you gotta travel in style and class.  Riley and I began the day in St. Louis with only one thing set in stone, and we spontaneously chose the rest of the schedule throughout the day.  STL may be known for one thing and one thing only (the Arch), but you can find a multitude of experiences.  And this post is for those looking for a classy, cultured day.  If you’re looking for a classy experience in St. Louis, here’s what we did:

Breakfast and Macaroons at La Bonne Bouchée

Siri needs to get her act together because she called it “la bonne bowchie.”  My wannabe francophone diva within is cringing hard core right now…  Anyway, I ordered the Frittata which the menu boasts as an “open-faced omelette with cheddar, bacon, and rosemary roasted potatoes.”  And oh là là!!  Cheese, bacon and potatoes drowned this omelette.  I’m always down for an omelette, but I enjoyed the open-faced twist along with potatoes in and not on the side.  Full of flavor and very savory.  Bon!  Even more, this bakery and cafe offers a casual yet elegant atmosphere with wooden tables and big windows for walls looking onto a patio with flowers.  On our way out, Riley and I each picked out several macaroons.  Within my mix, I chose peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate and salted caramel; and there are still dozens to pick from among their expansive displays.  I particularly enjoyed the flaky yet delectable peanut butter macaroon because peanut butter is absolutely one of my favorite things on this earth.

La Bonne Bouchee Macaroons St Louis MO

Stroll through the St. Louis Art Museum

Continuing with our classy theme, you most definitely need to culture yourself by stopping by this free art museum.  This fabulous museum offers art ranging from early American furniture to mummies.  Riley and I enjoyed taking pictures in the garden as well as seeing Stone Sea by Andy Goldsworthy.  We so wished we could’ve walked through these stone arches and taken some sweet photos.  We also threw away our map which made it much more fun.  Getting lost and exploring is definitely a great way to go!

St Louis Art Museum Forest Park MO

Photo opts on Art Hill

Just steps away from the entrance of the St. Louis Art Museum stands Art Hill with a tree-lined path around and beautiful stone features.  Riley and I enjoyed spinning around and taking pictures in front of the fountains.  To make your visit to STL even classier, bringing a nice-ish camera (DSLR or point-and-shoot) will bring the sophistication to the next level and help you capture the memories for years to come.

St Louis Missouri Forest Park
Art Hill St Louis Art Museum Forest Park

Take a quiet walk in the Jewel Box

Cities can be quite noisy and overwhelming, but the moment you step into the Jewel Box, you’ll be overcome with a calm serenity (and A/C!!).  This greenhouse is one large room with plenty of plants and flowers.  And you can take a winding staircase to get a better view of the room.  Riley and I even attended a wedding at this venue previously.  Very beautiful and another good photo opt!

Jewel Box St Louis MO

Walk through the gardens nearby and stop by Vandeventer Place

With even more beautiful flowers and a lovely tribute to Korean War veterans, definitely stop by these spots only steps away from the Jewel Box’s entrance.  Riley and I also enjoyed taking pictures by an ancient-looking gate and the stone pillars of Vandeventer Place.

Vandeventer Place Jewel Box St Louis RT
Vandeventer Place Jewel Box St Louis MO

Stroll the Loop and grab lunch at Peacock Loop Diner

Riley and I milled in and out of stores on the Loop after a water break at Starbucks (sorry, not sorry that we’re lame with our H20 at Starbucks).  This neighborhood carries a much more trendy and edgy vibe with stores like Vintage Vinyl and OSO: a style lab.  We made our way to Peacock Diner.  I know you’re thinking that this post is supposed to be classy, and the word “diner” makes you think of Steak ’n Shake (aka not classy).  But I’m here to tell you that Peacock Diner is definitely a level (or two) above this chain.  Tall windows and a light-up sign grace the outside view from the street.  Walking in, you’ll see curved counters with light-up rims and bar stools.  I ordered a Muenster Grilled Cheese on gluten-free bread which was perfectly buttery and tasty.

Peacock Loop Diner Delmar Loop St Louis MO
Delmar Loop Viva La St. Louis MO

Head over to Clayton and Brentwood for more shopping

While the stores on the Loop weren’t so much our style, Riley and I enjoyed strolling through Sweet Boutique in Clayton with its monograms, St. Louis memorabilia and jewelry.  (And it’s only steps away from City Coffeehouse + Creperie!!)  In Brentwood, we stopped by Laurie Solet with its large array of cutesy jewelry.

Recharge at Nadoz

After a long day of walking and bouncing all over the town, I need one thing to refuel: caffeine.  I ordered a Nadoz macchiato which gave me the boost I needed.

Nadoz Macchiato Brentwood St Louis MO

Even if you’re just driving through or stopping by St. Louis, there are plenty of classy, enjoyable activities waiting to be had beyond the Arch.

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