How to Pack When You Really Don’t Want To

Packing is actually the worst.  Can I get an amen?  After having to pack up my life for my recent move, I have a few quick tips for effective and successful packing.Version 2

  • Pinterest – I remember sitting in the car talking to my mom and saying, “I feel like there’s so many things that I wouldn’t even think of to pack.  What should I pack?!”  And she said, “Aren’t there all those packing lists online?”  Ya girl (the travel blogger one) had a blonde moment.  DUH.  And after you look at all those cute pins, maybe you’ll find an inkling of motivation.  Whether you’re packing for college or Europe, Pinterest has an abundance of packing lists.
  • PackPoint – if you want more customizable features, Pack Point is perfect for giving you a list of suggested items that you can easily remove if it doesn’t fit the category.  If you’re going on vacation, you can easily enter the destination, length of trip and reason for travel.  And oh, snap!  It gives you a list of suggested items, and it tells you the weather.  And you can add your own customized items, too.  BAM.  You’re welcome.How to Pack When You Really Don't Want To Boxes
  • Jams – Whether you’re into a Coldplay “let’s contemplate life and our existence and love and relationship” mood or Fergie “I’m feeling like a million bucks and straight-up FIERCE” mood, just get some tunes on to keep you moving.
  • Silence your phone – And turn it over for that matter.  That Buzzfeed quiz your bestie just sent you can wait.  And I’m aware that I just offended some people…Travel How To Pack When You Really Don't Want To
  • Start early – Yes, there is something to say about buckling down and finishing the job, but if you start a week or two out and add items you won’t need during that time period, it’ll make the day or two before you leave much less stressful!
  • Start with what you like – When you see a pile of junk (err, I mean your precious belongings) sitting in a heap, you may be overwhelmed.  When I stop by a department store for odds and ends from travel toothpaste to wall decor, I find more energy to organize and pack those first.  I don’t know about you, but folding socks doesn’t exhilarate me…  Once you begin with the items you don’t mind organizing or picking out (i.e .outfits for spring or summer!!), you’ll see you have more progress and hopefully find motivation to finish it up.Post Cards Photos France

Even though I have an entire blog about travel, I’m not this crazy, motivated, energetic packer–probably just like you.  But have no fear!  Use these several tips to make your next packing experience less of a hassle.  Just focus on the adventure you’re about to have!



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