7 Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Eep!  Christmas is just around the corner, and I cannot wait to make Muddie Buddies, watch Elf and Eloise at Christmastime and find the perfect gifts for family and friends.  While I do love scouring the Internet and aisles of Target to find presents for the gal pals and sibs, it’s really tough when you have NO idea what to get for them.  (This is a warm s/o to my dad for being impossible to shop for because he already has a coffeemaker and workout clothes.)  But if you’ve been searching high and low for the traveler in your life, look no further.  Here’s 7 traveler gift ideas for the holiday season centered around all things travel (which includes no affiliates or sponsorships):7-gift-ideas-for-the-traveler-getty-center-los-angeles-california

  • World Leather Journal : With a full schedule of upcoming travel, I definitely want to remember my trips in a classy way.  While I usually just use a simple spiral notebook, I hope I’ll be able to treat myself with a fancy leather journal to keep my memories for years to come.  If you’re not ready for the commitment of a leather journal, here’s a more inexpensive and casual option from Target.

    top 10 destin 1

    Top 10: Destin, FL

  • Macaroons Stationery : Some of the things I love most in life: travel, French, cats and, of course, fun stationery!  I’ve had my eyes on this particular stationery from Barnes and Noble for literally months.  So cute and very unique.  And who doesn’t like opening an envelope with a macaroon card on the inside?!La Bonne Bouchee Macaroons St Louis MO
  • Long Champs bag : I can only stay away from Europe so long, which means, of course, I need a bag from a French company.  Cute and spacious?  Oui oui.  Do as the French do, eh?
  • Passport Cover: I’ve been travel blogging for almost two years and have never owned a passport cover.  How sad…  But I’m low-key obsessed with this one from ban.do.
  • Stickers : This won’t make it to my Christmas list because I already bought 6 stickers from this site!  You will spend more time on this site than you actually have because there’s literally a sticker for everything, and they have sales (woot!).  These are perfect because a) you can find just about anything under the sun and b) they’re not incredibly expensive.  I checked my mailbox probably four times on the day they were supposed to arrive and ripped open the package before I even got to my room because these stickers are CUTE.paris-france-french-la-vie-en-rose-stickers-red-bubble
  • Graphic tees : I’m really not a t-shirt person.  But I want to be stylish and comfortable when I’m jet setting.  Look for fun graphic tees—sophisticated with a flair of personality (and comfort!).  I really like this one from ban.do!

What do you plan on buying for the traveler in your life?



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