Round Trip Roundup: JANUARY

New year, new me, eh?  Well, yes and no.  In my post on New Year's Resolutions, I focus on the point that personal growth can't be measured in tangible increments.  And looking forward for Round Trip this year, I'll be doing a roundup of new things I've tried during the month.  So, yes, new things, [...]


My Most Versatile Travel Item

You may not be a jetsetter, but you’ve probably been on your fair share of trips, retreats and camps.  You start working your way through the suggested packing list, and think, why the heck do I need a money belt?  When am I ever going to use those construction boots or water socks again?  I’m [...]

DIY Travel Mason Jar

I’m beyond ecstatic for my trip to Europe this summer... just take a look at my Pinterest account.  But at the same time, there's a million things I need to accomplish before I hop on that plane, and one of those things is saving money.  With some downtime, a spare mason jar and wanderlust on [...]

Understanding Personal Growth in Retrospect

Nobody likes a long, stuffy car ride.  Or a five-hour layover in the Denver airport because your dad had to return the rental car before noon so as not to be charged for another day (sorry, Dad, but I’m forever bitter).  In these moments, you may be stir crazy, frustrated and ready to just arrive [...]