Windsor Castle, England, UK

My Most Versatile Travel Item

You may not be a jetsetter, but you’ve probably been on your fair share of trips, retreats and camps.  You start working your way through the suggested packing list, and think, why the heck do I need a money belt?  When am I ever going to use those construction boots or water socks again?  I’m incredibly embarrassed about this, but the weirdest thing I ever packed was a plastic spoon.  Once I returned from the retreat without any use or even mention of the plastic spoon on the packing list, I realized it was a joke.  Way to go, Kristin…  Blonde things, I guess?  Travel may offer a variety of experiences and adventures for you, but you’ve also accumulated a wealth of random items never to be used again.  But there’s one item that I’ve used for years, and out of everything I’ve ever packed (ever!), it’s been the most useful: my Merona rain jacket.  And here’s why (P.S. no affiliates or sponsorship here!!):my-most-versatile-travel-item-windsor-castle-england-uk-travel


It’s water-proof, lightweight and has deep pockets.  What more can you ask for?  But seriously, I didn’t have to worry about ruining a fancy fabric or lug around a heavy coat.  I could easily store and access different brochures and tickets during my trip to Europe.  This jacket is incredibly practical, but that’s not


This should be fairly obvious, but this jacket will protect you from the rain and wind.  We women are often attracted to super cute but incredibly not functional clothing.  I bought the cutest pair of leopard Sperry flats, but they are terribly uncomfortable.  I love this jacket because it’s useful and flattering which leads me to…windsor-castle-england-uk-rain-jacket-travel


There’s a constant battle of this is cute versus this is comfortable.  Wearing secondhand men’s construction boots was not one of my favorite memories, but for a service trip, they did the job.  I’ve had this polka-dot rain jacket for over two years, and I still love the look.  It’s cute but still does its job: keeping you dry and being useful.westminster-abbey-london-england-uk-rain-jacket-travel

But Kristin, I’m not going to rainy London!  Why in the world would I buy a rain jacket?  To be honest, I’ve worn this jacket on dry days more than rainy ones.  It’s stylish.  I can crumple it up and not worry about wrinkles.  And it’s lightweight enough to provide some warmth but not burden me with extra weight.  You may use that adapter or ugly yellow rain poncho several times in life, but this rain jacket is beneficial for more than just a one-week trip.



{What is the most versatile item you’ve ever packed?}

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