Liebster Award

I have this dream of wearing a beautiful ball gown, strutting my stuff into a big fancy room and naturally, I’d be receiving an award, right?!  I may never get a nomination for an Oscar, Emmy or Golden Globe because heaven knows I hit my peak starring in the 6th grade musical.  BUT there are a plethora of other awards out there.  Phew!  And I’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award for blogging.  I would like to give a big shoutout and thank you to Lottie Flint for nominating me.  Her voice and gorgeous photos are some things I appreciate most about her blog!Version 3

“The Rules/ Guidelines: (as found on Lottie’s site)

  1. Write a blog post about your nomination, displaying an image of the award.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked you in his/her post.
  4. Nominate 5 other bloggers whose blogs you enjoy reading and come up with a set of your own questions to ask them! Make sure to let them know on social media that you have nominated them!
  5. Enjoy discovering great new blogs!!”

Read more about the Liebster Award here.

My Responses to Lottie’s Questions:

1. What have you most valuably learned from writing your blog?

Writing my blog has allowed to truly taste and experience the world on a deeper level.  I’d been to the mountains, to the beach and to the city before, but once I started blogging, I learned to analyze and reflect on my experiences, which made them so much more worthwhile and meaningful.

2. When do you feel most happy and content?

I’m happiest when I’m having laughing and sharing life with a friend over coffee.  Or when I’m writing in my journal or for my blog—with coffee, of course!

3. Who or what inspires you the most?

I find inspiration by looking at Pinterest, honestly.  Even if I don’t see a specific idea, just the sheer breadth and depth of ideas there open my mind to think practically and creatively.  I also love talking to friends—especially bloggers.  Asking other people for advice and if that post actually is helpful makes you a better and more effective blogger.

4. If you could click your fingers and be ANYWHERE in the world right this second, where would it be and why?

Forever and always, FRANCE.  It’s been 2.5 years since I’ve been to Paris, and my heart just won’t let go.  I miss the charming beauty among the hustle and bustle.  I dream of sipping a café au crème in a quaint cafe.eiffel-tower-paris-france-round-trip-travel

5. What one thing would you most like to do or achieve in 2017?

I really hope to monetize my blog and write my first e-book over my adventures in Europe this summer.

6. What is your favorite ever ever ever pudding/dessert?

You can never go wrong with Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  And that is that!

My Nominations:

1. Tea Time with Hann

2. Oh Lavender Blue

3. Living House

4. Habit & Heart

5. Here, There, & Everywhere

laguna-beach-goff-island-los-angeles-california-socal-travelMy questions for you:

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

2. What is one travel essential you bring with you on every trip?

3. Train, car or plane?  Why?

4. What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

Thank you again, Lottie, for this honor!  Round Trip has become such a big part of my life, and I love that others are finding value and use in my posts.  Happy blogging!



{What are some of your favorite blogs to read?}


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