How to Style Your Mieroglyphs Bracelet

It’s no secret that looking cute while you travel isn’t as easy as it appears.  We want to be comfortable but also want to compete with those stylish Instagrammers.  An easy way to spice up your outfit is to find jewelry to complement the looks you already own.  I recently bought a bracelet from Mieroglyphs that I’d love to share about with you!

This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small portion from purchases made through discount code found below.  I purchased my item with an initial affiliate discount.  However, all opinions are my own.Version 2

When I ordered my Mieroglyphs bracelet, I knew I wanted to step outside the box.  I’d consider my style classic: black, white and pearls.  So, when I saw the wide range of options, I was drawn to the Aztec Sunset bracelet with its bright colors, which is a change of pace for me.  Here’s what I love most about my new jewelry:


It’s not cookie-cutter.  As much as I love my monogrammed items and Michael Kors, Mieroglyphs offers a different perspective to the typical bracelet.  It has a cuff-like appearance but isn’t as bulky or confining.  I like that I can wear this and know not every single girl on the street is wearing one exactly like it.


It’s personalized.  I even got to personalize the inside of the bracelet and put “indulge in the adventures awaiting you” on the inside.  At no extra charge!  It’s cute and not tacky.  (And I’m a stickler about fonts so that’s saying something!)  And if you’re giving it as a gift, it adds a deeper level to your present.


It adds an element of interest to your outfit.  I like the Aztec tribal print, but I absolutely love the gold magnetic clasp.  While the bracelet exudes a more casual vibe, the crisp and clean gold ties it altogether to make it classy and posh.


All this said, let’s get down to styling.  I opted for a black jumpsuit from Altar’d State, a pair of pearl earrings and beaded sandals.  When styling a printed Mieroglyphs bracelet, choosing solids will ensure that your bracelet will be the focal point of your look.  Otherwise, if you opt for a loud pattern, your bracelet may take the backseat.  Next, decide where on the classy to casual spectrum you’d like to land.  The wonderful thing about this bracelet is you can dress it up or down.  And although I leaned towards classy with my tailored jumpsuit, this bracelet could easily be paired with a tee and jeans.

On top of all of this, the jewelry is vegan as it’s made with cork-leather.  “With every Mieroglyphs order you can feel good about being a responsible and conscientious consumer,” according to their website.

And if you use the code ROUNDTRIP on your next purchase, you’ll receive 20% off.  Shop now!  So you, too, can add a unique and cute piece to your look for your next adventure.




{Do you lean more towards casual or classy in your daily look?}

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