Round Trip Roundup: MARCH

I must have blinked because the month of March vanished in a snap.  The first two months of the year always seem to inch along, and now that March has hit and run, it's almost summer!  And that means I'll be on a plane to Europe (praise hands)!  This month included trying some new-old fashion trends [...]


Long Distance Friendship: How To

Friends are actually the worst.  They invest in you.  They spend time with you.  And encourage and give you a hug when you’re at your lowest.  Plus, how else would you find out about the latest Buzzfeed quiz?  (P.S. I found out that bad boy Gaston would turn good for me!)  Friends are the worst because [...]

Finding Beauty in the Unknown

So many things in life are planned to the T.  From the specific minute your flight takes off to your assigned seat in grade school (next to that really annoying kid, of course), the moment the post office opens to the second tickets go on sale for your favorite band.  And as Americans, we pride [...]