Round Trip Roundup: MARCH

I must have blinked because the month of March vanished in a snap.  The first two months of the year always seem to inch along, and now that March has hit and run, it’s almost summer!  And that means I’ll be on a plane to Europe (praise hands)!  This month included trying some new-old fashion trends and visiting some fun places.

1. Cat Cafe-Something absolutely vital for you to know about me: I am obsessed with cats.  (It’s low-key very unhealthy!)  So, when I saw a cat cafe was coming to St. Louis, I had to go.  More about my day with kitties and how to make your trip the best possible experience here. Image-1-3

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2. Scrunchies-On a recent trip to Target with my mama, I headed to hair section because scrunchies were on my list.  To that, my mother said she didn’t realize those were still popular.  Oh, baby, they are back, and I don’t know why they ever left.  They’re cute, don’t snag your hair and give your locks a little more oomph!

3. Chokers-Another ’90s trend I’m currently obsessed with, chokers make almost any outfit cool and sassy in a snap.DSC_0079DSC_0042

4. More Life-Drake just dropped a new album this month, and I’m a fan.  I’ve never been a huge Drake fan; I really only ever knew his few songs played on the radio.  But he has taken over my Spotify with his variety of soft vibes to head-bangin’ jams.  Some of my favorites from this album: “4422,” “Teenage Fever” and “Fake Love.”

5. Time for reflection-Recently my friend Cate and I were chatting about seasons and (not to be all sappy but) how spring and fall tend to be transition seasons literally and metaphorically.  And as silly as that sounds, it’s true.  Winter has come to a close, and I’ve said goodbye to old thought patterns and hurts.  Winter meant time for healing and soul-searching, but it’s spring, which means it’s time to start afresh and look forward to the new life soon to bloom.  Habit & Heart Blog and Round Trip Travel Blog

While these monthly roundups can easily just be a grocery list, I’ve found it gives definition and meaning to my crazy schedule.  I challenge you to recap your month to a friend or in a journal.  Don’t let life slip from your notice.  Process and prepare for the next stage.



{What are you reflecting on from the month of March?}

8 thoughts on “Round Trip Roundup: MARCH

  1. Lee says:

    A cat cafe?! I’m obsessed too and that sounds like somewhere I’d love to be lol😻 fake love is a good song and I just got into chokers back in November. They definitely add a cute touch or nice sass to an outfit

    Liked by 1 person

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