Round Trip Roundup: APRIL

April showers might bring May flowers, but this month included more than just raindrops.  From a new travel trinket to a spontaneous trip, this month had plenty to offer: 1. Denim skirts-Last month I share some throwback trends I've been incorporating into my outfits, and I'm adding denim skirts to the list.  Oh-so versatile and [...]


How to Pack a Carryon for a Weekend Trip

Never have I ever traveled with just a carryon.  Oh, but I took the challenge for my weekend in Waco, Texas.  Checking luggage is hard to avoid if you like to pack everything under the sun like me, but with a quick trip, opting for only a carryon makes more sense.  Here’s what I packed in my [...]

12 Best Ways to Keep Your Travel Memories

You’ve just returned from the adventure of a lifetime at the beach, in the mountains or maybe all over Europe.  You tasted it all, and you just can’t shake the wonder of wanderlust.  While you may be headed back to work or school, hold onto those memories and experiences.  Here are 12 ways to display [...]

9 Things to Do in Waco, Texas

It has been entirely too long since I’ve been to the grand old state of Texas.  Being a type A-planner personality (I promise I’m a fun person some of the time), I’m used to anticipating trips long in advance.  But my weekend in Waco was a change of pace because this flight was booked two [...]