12 Best Ways to Keep Your Travel Memories

You’ve just returned from the adventure of a lifetime at the beach, in the mountains or maybe all over Europe.  You tasted it all, and you just can’t shake the wonder of wanderlust.  While you may be headed back to work or school, hold onto those memories and experiences.  Here are 12 ways to display your travel memories:How to Keep Travel Memories Travel Vacation.jpg

This post contains affiliate links which means I earn credit when codes/links used below.   However, all opinions are my own.

  1. Photos-I believe photography has incredible power especially if they’re your own.  So pin, sticky tack and frame ‘em.  Printing photos at Walgreens is super easy, quick and inexpensive.
  2. Square Prints-Rarely do I click on a sponsored post on Instagram, but the glorious word FREE caught my attention.  Parabo Press delivered my 25 free prints, and I was very impressed with its darling packaging and unique touch.  While you may have a bajillion 4×6 glossy photos lying around, these paper square prints offer a different, artsy take.  Use my code ODARYK and get 25 free prints here!Processed with VSCO with nc presetdsc_0301
  3. Photojojo Items-This site actually makes me so excited.  I would like to apologize to my roommate for freaking out because I want this Foldio so freaking badly!!  Photojojo also offers items like a shutter remote (a more sophisticated selfie stick) and magnetic photo ropesClick this link to receive $20 off your purchase of $50+ (it should automatically appear in your cart).
  4. Scrapbook-Whether you make a photo book on a site like Shutterfly or pop your 4x6s into a sleeved photo book, scrapbooks are always a good idea.  While a single photo is fantastic, these books tell a fuller story of your trip.  And when that wanderlust bug bites, these give you an easy way to relive your memories.French Scrapbooks France
  5. Map-If you didn’t already know, Paris stole my heart.  And I have every single type and variation of Paris memorabilia.  So, when I received a vintage Paris map for Christmas, I was stoked.
  6. DIY Bulletin Board-If you don’t know where to put all your photos and also have an abundance of tickets, brochures and the like, a DIY bulletin board makes it easy to include all of your bits of memories.  Full instructions here.diy-travel-bulletin-board-postcards
  7. Coordinate bracelet-I’ve always found these to be so darling and personal.  And it’s a fantastic conversation starter and an easy way to keep a city close to your heart.
  8. DIY travel print-Get artsy and make some inexpensive travel crafts.  Full tutorial hereDIY Travel Prints Wanderlust by Round Trip Travel
  9. DIY travel mason jar-Grab your paint and pick a design to put on your jar to satisfy your wanderlust.  And bonus: it can also double as a coin jar to save for your upcoming adventures.  Full instructions here.DIY Travel Mason Jar | Round Trip Travel
  10. Stickers-I actually could spend an entire paycheck on Redbubble stickers if no one stopped me.  I love my La Vie en Rose and Paris stickers that I put on my laptop.paris-france-french-la-vie-en-rose-stickers-red-bubble
  11. Postcards-It’s my new tradition to buy a postcard at each of my new travel destinations.  And tip: send a postcard back to your home so you can score the postmark from a different state or country!Post Cards Photos France
  12. Wall decor-When it comes to travel-themed things, I am so bad at impulse buying.  After I saw these vintage prints, I knew I couldn’t escape the wanderlust bug.  The day I buy my first place, I’m confident I will have zero need for any decor.  Whatsoever.Vintage Travel Prints Paris Monte Carlo

Full-time jobs may only allow us two weeks off for travel, but these memories need not fade.  With 12 different ways, you can customize your travel memories.



{How do you keep your travel memories?}

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