Round Trip Roundup: APRIL

April showers might bring May flowers, but this month included more than just raindrops.  From a new travel trinket to a spontaneous trip, this month had plenty to offer:

1. Denim skirtsLast month I share some throwback trends I’ve been incorporating into my outfits, and I’m adding denim skirts to the list.  Oh-so versatile and flattering, denim skirts are my latest staple.  (And they’re bringing me back to the days of elementary and middle school with my Limited Too and Justice frayed denim skirts!)

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2. French woman chic-I’m living in France this summer, and I am PUMPED to say the least.  That being said, French women don’t wear t-shirts, Nike shorts or even shorts for that matter, which means a wardrobe upgrade.  I ordered this black and white jumpsuit from Target and can’t wait to be a classy Frenchwoman this summer.

3. A trip to Waco, Texas-I’m a recovering planner…  I’m not naturally one for a last-minute rendez-vous—I like having all my ducks in a row.  But I’m growing in this and am looking forward to my time in France this summer (as lots of logistics are TBD).  My weekend trip to Waco was a fun surprise and helped me practice appreciating spontaneity.  I decided to visit Riley in Waco two weeks before I flew out and had my ticket booked several hours after that decision!  But this weekend included good quality time and a fantastic popsicle!!

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4. Quality time-I feel like a broken record, but this month sincerely has been a blur of overwhelming to-do lists and extensive paperwork for this summer.  In all this chaos, the moments that keep me going are ones with dear friends.  Whether it was sitting on a park bench or making summer bucket lists over coffee, community is something I crave and need to keep moving.Kaldi's Coffee Friend Date Round Trip Travel

5. Makeup bag-It’s been awhile since I’ve switched my makeup bag.  I received this cute T.J.Maxx Paris makeup bag (thanks, Mom!!) and love the amount of space and different compartments.  While I do like my current bag, I can’t fit my big eyeshadow palette, brushes and other odds and ends.  This new bag will take me to France this summer and fit all my random tools.

Reflecting on April, I realize that although flurries of activity take most of our time, it’s the deep, quiet and meaningful moments we cherish the most.



{What was the most meaningful moment of your month?}


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