Round Trip Roundup: MAY

Hellos always mean goodbyes.  And as excited as I am for my summer in Europe, saying goodbye to my home, family and friends is hard.  But in this life, nothing goes without change.  This month was crazy busy finishing up my semester and preparing to travel to Europe.  Here are my top 5 for the [...]


Night at the Museums

Three museums in four hours?  And all for free?  Oh yeah, baby!  It hadn’t even been a week of living in Europe, but I hit up La Nuit des Musées (Night at the Museums) with several friends.  On this night hundreds of museums open for free in France and several other countries, and this day only [...]

How to Pack for a Summer in France

It's only three months, but at the same time, it's three freakin' months!  Packing for a summer abroad can be both harder and easier than just a week-long vacation.  What can I buy once I arrive?  What can I not live without for three months?  Will I even know where to buy nail polish remover [...]

6 Museums to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Home of Hollywood, City of Stars, La La Land. L.A. is a city I fall more in love with every time I visit. Admittedly, it helps that several dear friends provide free room and board in a rather expensive city, but every time I start packing my bags to head back home, I [...]

My Summer Bucket List (+Free Template)

Is it possible to be awfully panicked yet overwhelmingly pumped all at the same time?  I can’t believe I leave for my summer adventure in Europe in a few short days.  I’m all for living in the moment, but I also want to be intentional with the time I have there.  That being said, here [...]

What Leaving Teaches You About Life

I couldn’t have been more ready to peace outta this joint when I moved last August.  The allure of meeting new people, making a new routine and simply starting over captivated me.  My roommate and I often talk about how if we would’ve known what was headed our way, we probably wouldn’t have signed up.  This past [...]