My Summer Bucket List (+Free Template)

Is it possible to be awfully panicked yet overwhelmingly pumped all at the same time?  I can’t believe I leave for my summer adventure in Europe in a few short days.  I’m all for living in the moment, but I also want to be intentional with the time I have there.  That being said, here are a few goals for my summer abroad:Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

  1. Celebrate Bastille Day like a local (bleu, blanc, rouge!!)
  2. Grow my blog newsletter (more than just one time each month)
  3. Don’t visit Starbucks more than 5 times (because an authentic café au lait is legit)
  4. Decorate my room (this is the first time I will have my own room since I was 2 years old!)
  5. Write an e-book from my adventures this summer
  6. Post in French on social media, one blog post and one blog video
  7. Take a spontaneous trip
  8. Walk through the city without headphones on and truly hear the city’s voice
  9. Speak in French even with English-speaking friends
  10. Take a trip to Barcelona, Spain
  11. Journal daily (maybe even in French?!)
  12. Continue blogging one time per week (maybe more)
  13. Go grocery shopping and buy something that I’m not sure what exactly it is (live a little, hey?)
  14. Ride a bike in the city or countryside for the views

Eno Hammock Cameron Park Waco Texas TravelAnd the best part of this is that I know some of my upcoming favorite memories aren’t even on this list.  The best moments are the ones not planned, the ones that are simply of the moment.

But bucket lists get the ball rolling.  These lists are so valuable because they encourage us to step outside our comfort zones.  Let’s make an effort to try something new and different.  Now it’s your turn!  Click here for a free printable summer bucket list.  What have you said you’d do for months but never got around to?  What do you want to accomplish this summer?  What’s something a bit outside your comfort zone?  Get going, friends!  Happy adventuring!



{What’s on your summer bucket list?}

7 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List (+Free Template)

  1. myhearinglossstory says:

    Hi Kristin!
    Ooh, you must be so excited! Great bucket list!
    Whereabouts in France are you going?!
    A visit to Barcelona sounds great – it’s a beautiful city….although, I’m slightly more biased to Madrid 😉 …Also, Valencia, Seville, Granada…oh the list goes on of recommendations of places in Spain, if you ever get the opportunity!
    I like to buy things from the supermarket that I’m not sure about too! I also like to order things from menus, not knowing what it’s going to be!!
    Enjoy everything, and try to take as much in as possible – you will be making memories 🙂
    – Carly

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