Photo Diary: Toulouse, France

It’s a big city but also a small town.  I’ve never been anywhere like Toulouse: a bustling city with multiple metro lines yet boasts a small town charm.  This city and its culture are incredibly beautiful, and these few snapshots can’t even convey all of its glory.

Jardin des Plantes

This garden had been recommended to me several times, and I thought, hmm gardens, okay, I guess that’s cool.  I casually decided just to stroll through one day and instantly fell in love with this park-meets-carnival-meets-mini-hike-meets-playground.  It’s the perfect spot to read a book, sip an Orangina or eat some cotton candy.DSC_0156DSC_0218DSC_0196

La Garonne

How can cement, electricity and a small body of water be so breathtaking?!  I had a wonderful time sitting on the banks with Joanna and Swantje and am obsessed with this view.IMG_2102

Le Capitole

Although basic and not terribly large, Le Capitole is worth a visit for its gorgeous architecture and classic nature.IMG_2158IMG_2156

And how could you forget the food in France?  I enjoyed sipping my café au lait and munching on my macaroons from Poussin Bleu, which put every single American macaroon to shame.  10/10 would recommend!Processed with VSCO with a6 presetDSC_0150

Even just walking down the streets fills me with wonder; each corner is a new place to discover and explore.  Happy adventuring!



{What do you like to do and see in Toulouse, France?}

4 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Toulouse, France

  1. Gloria Baraks says:

    Kristen, thank you thank you for sending your blog to us we are so excited to read your first hand blog experience and look at the marvelous photos

    Bradley and Gloria and Blake

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