A Weekend in the French Pyrénées

“Let’s get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France.”  Ingrid Michaelson sure knew what she was talking about in her song “You and I” because the south of France is absolutely stunning.  (But sorry, Mom and Dad, because I’m buying a house for myself in the south of France before I buy one for you…)  Even the views from the seemingly mundane highway were breathtaking with little sneak peeks on the mountains and sheep grazing in the fields.  But I couldn’t have prepared myself for the beauty headed my way from the Pyrénées:

Version 2

The mountains in America are beautiful, but there’s something about the mountains in France.  It’s the aged charm, quaint homes and small towns.  The moment I stepped out of the car in Aucun I went directly to snap of picture of the landscape.DSC_0276DSC_0284DSC_0290

Our group took a hike to Le Pic de Pan, and while I wouldn’t recommend this hike to beginners, the views were worth it.  The climb was steep, and I definitely got my upper leg workout in.  And the rain didn’t help because mud makes life much harder!  But can we just talk about these views for a moment?DSC_0302DSC_0315DSC_0345

While our group left the waterskis and tubes at home, we also quickly stopped by Lac de L’Estaing, a lake not far from our hike.  Although it was absolutely freezing and we didn’t even stay 10 minutes, I’m glad we took the time to get a glance at this beauty.DSC_0355DSC_0360French Pyrénées France South Mountains Montagnes.jpg

I’ve always considered myself a city girl who loves the hustle and bustle.  Movement and excitement.  Things to do, people to see, coffee to drink.  But my weekend in the countryside piqued my interest in a quieter life.  I simply cannot get over the gorgeous sights and the calm atmosphere.  Until next time!



{Where do you like visiting in the south of France?}

2 thoughts on “A Weekend in the French Pyrénées

  1. teatimewithhann says:

    This looks absolutely stunning and serene. Loved reading this post. Although I haven’t been to Cannes, I’ve heard that it is a MUST VISIT in France. Thanks for sharing this post. Definitely added this on my ‘travel bucket list’.

    Liked by 1 person

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