Photo Diary: Portorož, Slovenia

Western Europe gets a lot of hype—as it should.  Western Europe is home to stunning places from big, bustling London, England to small, charming Najac, France.  But it’s a big continent, and there’s so much more that meets the eye than on social media.  I remember receiving an email, asking me if I’d like to take part in a work conference in Portoroz, Slovenia.  Always looking to travel more, I said of course!  After I sent that response, I proceeded to open up Maps to locate exactly where this so-called Slovenia is.  Let’s just say it’s been a long time since 7th grade world geography!

Nestled in between Italy and Croatia, the city of Portorož, Slovenia sits right on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.  The cool, sparkling waves refreshed my baking body in the hot Slovenian sun.  I’m very glad I researched the weather beforehand because I thought, hmm… Eastern Europe?  Must be cold.  Far from it!  In the middle of July, temperatures hit the 80s consistently, and the hotel air conditioning was very much appreciated.

Piran Adriatic Sea Slovenia Europe Travel

During free time on my first full day, I set out to explore Portorož in pursuit of coffee because first things first, right?  I stumbled upon a small little shack along the water’s edge and ordered an iced cappuccino.  The woman wrinkled her face when I said I wanted it iced.  “I can give you a cup of ice,” she offered.  I don’t understand how no one had ever ordered an iced coffee in weather as hot as this, but it’ll do.  “Do you want a cup of water with it too?” she asked.  Sure, why not?  And I didn’t even pay two euros for my large cappuccino; I easily would’ve had to pay twice the amount in France to enjoy the same quality and size.Portoroz Piran Slovenia Adriatic Sea Coast

I spent the majority of my time at the hotel either in seminars or my room, but one night our group decided to see the town.  We went to Cacao Portorož, a restaurant that sits right on the beach with a large patio filled with couches and tables.  My dress from H&M spun around as the DJ played Beyoncé in the background.  Wow, I’m in Europe dancing with my friends right on the beach.  What a dream.

I like to familiarize myself with local phrases before a trip, but this Slavic language just did not agree with my tongue.  But the one thing that did agree with my tongue was the gelato.  Not even a three-hour drive from Venice, Italy, Portorož is not lacking for its gelato supply, something I definitely benefited from.

Gelato Piran Slovenia Eastern EuropeChocolate Gelato Piran Slovenia Europe Travel

The town of Piran is a short walk from our hotel in Portorož, and its city square architecture opened my eyes to the Eastern European style.  Keeping with my tradition, I bought a postcard in this plaza and was pumped with the 40-cent price.

Tartini Square Piran Slovenia Travel EuropeBoats Adriatic Sea Piran Portorose Slovenia

Afternoon Tea Adriatic Sea Slovenia Piran PortorosePortorose Slovenija Eastern Europe Adriatic Sea

Although I may not have chosen this place on my own, I’d love to return to Slovenia some day.  Its inexpensive prices, gorgeous views and fantastic gelato are worth a trip back!

{Have you visited somewhere that surprised you?}

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