Round Trip Roundup: OCTOBER

Crazy.  It's absolutely crazy how much can change in a month.  October has been jam-packed and, honestly, not my favorite.  But just as the sun never fails to rise, a new month awaits to refresh and to renew.  Although I'm looking forward to a fresh start (and the holidays!!), I want to reflect on some [...]


3 Tips to Travel Journal like a Pro

No more excuses: I’m too tired, I’m not a writer, it’s boring, I don’t want to.  Whether or not you enjoy writing, travel journaling allows you to experience your trip on a deeper level—and remember it later.  That being said, it can be tricky to simply begin the habit.  Here are 3 tips to travel [...]

How to Translate Your Love of Travel to Your Workspace

Ah, the constant battle between your 9 to 5 and those two weeks of vacation each year.  While most of us can't quit our day job to travel, we can take our love of travel to the office or school.  Here are three ways to bring your love of travel into your workspace: This is [...]

Confidence: Challenge & Choice Part 2

“You can join the conversation if you’d like,” the French woman told me as we walked the streets of Toulouse, France.  I’d been silent for awhile, smiling and nodding and hoping for my dear life that no one would ask me a question in French.  I felt defeated and discouraged.  I hated speaking in French [...]