How to Translate Your Love of Travel to Your Workspace

Ah, the constant battle between your 9 to 5 and those two weeks of vacation each year.  While most of us can’t quit our day job to travel, we can take our love of travel to the office or school.  Here are three ways to bring your love of travel into your workspace:3 Ways to Translate Your Love of Travel to Your Workspace

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

1. Photos

This is one of the easiest yet most meaningful ways to convey your love of your travel in your workspace.  A photo has the power to take you back to a sweet moment rich with bliss—something you might need as you’re cranking out an essay or work project.  When I was choosing photos for my photo grid from Parabo Press, I looked back through my summer pictures and chose three from my favorite weekend (the one I spent in a castle).  Each time I look at these photos, I’m taken back to a carefree weekend with gorgeous scenery and a slower pace of life.  I’m also incredibly impressed by the crystal clear quality of the top photo taken with an iPhone 6!

Need a little inspo for picking photos to hang up on your wall?  Here’s how I picked mine.

As a child, my mom would always tell me to stop or, at least, limit all the tape I put on my bedroom walls.  While I’ve retired the Disney Channel posters, I still always look for ways to put things on my wall.  My vertical photo rope is almost too good to be true: just hang it up on a hook or tack and attach pictures with the included mini magnets.  No leftover residue.  Want to space the photos differently?  Just slide the magnets over.  No removing tape or finding leftover sticky tack on the wall a year later.

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2. Maps

You can never buy a traveler too many maps, and these are incredible accessories for your workspace too.  I received my Target hanging bulletin board map as a graduation gift and instantly fell in love with its simple yet intriguing look.  This summer my Spanish friend Candela bought me the map, which now covers the surface of my desk; it’s such an easy way to pop personality into my workspace (and cover dust!).  Photo Grid Parabo Press Round Trip Travel

3. Books + Journals

In addition to showcasing travel novels and photography books, stacking books also increases your desk space.  My stack of books includes Mademoiselle Chanel by C.W. Gortner, my leather journal from my summer in France, World of Wanderlust: How to Live an Adventurous Life by Brooke Saward and Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson.  Including your travel books and journals allows these memories to not sit in a cardboard box in the basement and give you a much-needed break when you just need a walk down memory lane.Decorate Desk Space Parabo Press Round Trip Travel

Coming back home from an adventure may not always be fun, but those memories can live on in your workspace.  Happy decorating!

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