Photo Diary: Small Town Hoppin’ in Mid-MO

Trying to explain to Europeans where I’m from is an adventure.  Smack dab in the middle of the U.S.  Six hours south of Chicago—ish.  And if all else fails, I’d stick out my hand sideways, pointing to an imaginary Los Angeles and New York and then me—right in the middle.  I’m grateful for growing up in Mid-Missouri and really appreciate its contribution to my childhood.  But let’s just say Mid-MO has never swooned me.

“How close it it to an ocean?”  “They’re mountains there right?”  Missouri’s far distance from the ocean and mountains make it less than glamorous when explaining it to non-Americans.  But oddly enough, my summer abroad in France made me love Mid-Missouri that much more.  Just like Missouri, France had highways with meh views and fields filled with crops.  Just because it’s France, it’s cool, but the more I thought about it, I realize where I grew up had gorgeous sights too.  I realized we’re so hesitant to be in awe.  It’s as if what’s been given to us is never enough.

Okay, sure—I don’t have any castles in my neighborhood.  Compared to other countries, America is very young.  I adore the rich history and ancient architecture of Europe, which can’t be found in my home country.  But at the same time, beauty is not limited to one part of the world.  I spent a day exploring Rocheport and Booneville in Mid-Missouri, and pleasant is the first word I think of to describe this experience.

Meriweather Cafe and Bike Bakery Rocheport Missouri Columbia Katy TrailMeriweather Cafe Bike Shop Rocheport Missouri Katy Trail

We started our Saturday morning off in Rocheport at Meriwether Café and Bike Shop aka the cutest little find.  After we rented our bikes, we headed out on the Katy Trail for a sweet, tranquil ride.Katy Trail Meriweather Cafe Bike Rocheport MissouriProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetKaty Trail Missouri MO Meriwhether Bakery CafeKaty Trail Rocheport Missouri Trail River Bike Meriweather

After an hour in the heat, we were ready for a break.  We headed to Boonville for antiquing.  Let’s just say there’s never a dull moment…

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetJesus Lamp Boonville MO Antique Shop

Mid-Missouri, it wasn’t love at first sight, but you’re growing on me.

3 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Small Town Hoppin’ in Mid-MO

  1. Sonia Lynch says:

    Yes, sometimes you appreciate things more when you are away from it! We just came back yesterday from a routine check on my dad in Arizona…well, it turned out that our decision to go of the beaten track/Highways, turned out to be the best!!!
    We took the back roads through AZ, NM and back to CO. We stopped along the way wherever we felt, for Pie, coffee, cemetery from original settlers, Missions, giant telescopes out of a movie, and found new Salt Lakes in the middle of nowhere. Small town America IS America….that’s where it started….immigrants, Native Americans who now are unknown.
    Great little places all over this country that we wouldn’t of appreciated unless we got off the main roads and took a little more time. We (my hubby, our pooch, and myself) have fell in love all over again with where we live ❤️

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    • roundtriptravel says:

      Hi Sonia! I always have seen myself as a city girl, but I’m starting to fall for the small town charm 🙂 And that sounds like a great trip! I hope to take a road trip in America soon. Happy travels!


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