Round Trip Roundup: NOVEMBER

This was a big month.  I published a book about travel on Amazon, and Round Trip is coming up on her 3rd year of existence!  It's been quite the ride, but I have a grocery list of upcoming adventures.  Here's a look at my top 5 for the month: 1. Girls' Weekend in Kansas City… Continue reading Round Trip Roundup: NOVEMBER


The Story Behind Round Trip

I remember the page-long list of blog title ideas I rattled off sitting on the carpet in my older sister’s room.  I’d read off some, and soon enough Taylor said, “Stop.  Round Trip, I like the ring of that.”  And a baby was born—my blog baby was born.  (Motherhood gets to ya, man…)  And in… Continue reading The Story Behind Round Trip


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

It's that time of year again!  The holidays are right around the corner, and here are gift ideas for the traveler in your life. This post includes affiliate links; I may receive a small commission if you purchase items from the links included.  All opinions are my own. Clothes (because you gotta wear something) 1.… Continue reading The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


40 Ways to Travel Better: Your Complete Guide to Maximize Time, Money & Energy

I’ve had my share of adventures—lessons, mistakes and all. Like that one time I accidentally dined and dashed in France and realized it awkwardly late—like across the street late. Or the time I told a guy that I was sexually-aroused excited for a weekend in the mountains instead of pumped-up excited. (Hey, foreign language is… Continue reading 40 Ways to Travel Better: Your Complete Guide to Maximize Time, Money & Energy


5 Travel Bloggers I Love

Checking your bank account is the most surefire way of getting a reality check—especially as a student.  We all have dreams to seek new adventures, to travel the world, to check one more thing off that bucket list.  Or heck, even just to do some "much-needed" online shopping.  But these aspirations often remind us where… Continue reading 5 Travel Bloggers I Love


Maddie Koerner on Solo Travel & Life in Europe

An Instagram picture may be worth a thousands words, but Maddie Koerner knows that’s not enough.  “The people that are seeing my pictures aren't experiencing the excitement I felt when I saw the Eiffel Tower light up or the friendships that I've made throughout my journeys,” she said. “This is why I believe traveling is… Continue reading Maddie Koerner on Solo Travel & Life in Europe