5 Travel Bloggers I Love

Checking your bank account is the most surefire way of getting a reality check—especially as a student.  We all have dreams to seek new adventures, to travel the world, to check one more thing off that bucket list.  Or heck, even just to do some “much-needed” online shopping.  But these aspirations often remind us where the buck stops, and it’s usually closer than it appears.  You may not be able to jump on a plane to Bali tomorrow, but following travel bloggers and Instagrammers can soothe that wanderlust bug bite till your next paycheck.  Here are my top 5 favorite travel bloggers:5 Travel Bloggers I love Round Trip Travel

1. Helene in Between

This Texas gal moved to Germany with her husband and dogs and is truly the most genuine blogger I’ve come across.  She makes it a point to respond to her Instagram comments and emails even with her 110k+ Instagram followers.  Follow Helene for some gorgeous shots as well her real-talk captions.

2. World of Wanderlust

This Aussie started a blog, wrote a book, opened a bakery and manages a contributing staff of five across the world—all by the age of 24!  Her impeccable photography, intense ambition and truly wild wanderlust are the best reasons to give her a follow.

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Everything you can imagine is real. ✨💛✨

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3. French Wedding Style

Here is a big fat warning: your jaw will drop and your jealousy will rage.  This blog is “for those couples who are planning a destination wedding in France or who are looking to add a little French style into their wedding day,” according to its site.  I don’t have a wedding in the works, but this Instagram caught my attention, making me drool with its beautiful scenery and photography.

4. Dame Traveler

This account features submitted posts from women traveling all over the world.  Its many contributors give this account an incredible scope and varied perspective.

5. Tiffany Roubert

I came across this photographer on Dame Traveler and fell in love with her photo story.  Her travel photography isn’t the basic cookie-cutter, overly-edited Instagram type. She has a background in photojournalism, and this commitment to storytelling is obvious in her photos.

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Fellow travellers 💙 #lama #roadtrip

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The bank account may not allow it, but let these travel bloggers and Instagrammers take you on a journey into their wanderlust.

{Who are your favorite travel bloggers/Instagrammers?}



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