The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

It’s that time of year again!  The holidays are right around the corner, and here are gift ideas for the traveler in your life.

This post includes affiliate links; I may receive a small commission if you purchase items from the links included.  All opinions are my own.

Clothes (because you gotta wear something)

1. Graphic tee-These combine cute and comfy all into one.  I found this Jetset tee on clearance at Old Navy years ago, and it was one of the few tops I brought with me to France.


2. Rain jacket-One of the most versatile travel items I own, this jacket has deep pockets and works well in light rain or even just on a chilly day.

3. Good (and cute) walking shoes-I hate flats and honestly would prefer to wear heels.  However, this summer I discovered a pair of comfy flats from Naturalizer, and I’m obsessed.

4. Cardigan-It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to Siberia or San Diego; a cardigan is an essential to account for both chilly weather and drafty rooms.

Digital (because you’re too lazy to leave your house)

1. 40 Ways to Travel Better: Your Complete Guide to Maximize Time, Money and Energy-I recently released a paperback with anecdotal yet practical tips so you can make the most out of your travels.

2. Spotify Premium-This is one of the most valuable things I own.  And for students, it comes with a Hulu subscription.  It’s perfect for travelers who are always on the go and like to have some background music.

3. Netflix, Hulu, other streaming account-Also another staple for those in the car or air for long periods of time.

4. Greetabl-I’m low-key obsessed with these adorable little gift boxes.  Simply pick a pattern, upload photos and choose a gift to ship directly to your pal’s door.  Easy and thoughtful!Greetabl Gift Box Fringe Friends Round Trip Travel

5. Online travel photography class-For the traveler who loves photography (but are those ever mutually exclusive?), Brit+Co offers an online travel photography class.

Intro To Travel Photography Online Class

6. Gift cards-These are always a winner especially when you can buy them at a discount.  Get Southwest Airlines, Hyatt and Uber gift cards at a discount.

Gadgets & Gizmos (because we all need another trinket)

1. Stationery-Now the traveler in your life doesn’t have an excuse for not writing back you back at home.

2. Backpack pins-I love my practical North Face backpack, but it’s not the most stylish.  However, cute pins can allow a traveler to personalize the most basic items.Flamingo Flamante Rose Toulouse France Pin Backpack

3. Laptop stickers-Another way to personalize and to show off previous travels.

4. Travel journal- Make it personal with a custom foil stamped notebook (and save 15% with code STAMPED15).  Or snatch this mini notebook set from Moorea Seal.

Wanderlust Mini Notebook Set

Best Gifts for the Traveler | Round Trip Travel

5. Portable charger-Perfect for long flights and never-ending car rides without outlets.

Storage & Organizers (because getting lost is the last thing you need)

1. Hard-shelled luggage-If you’re looking for a bigger ticket item, this is the one.  Quality luggage is one of the best purchases any traveler can make (or one a very generous friend or family member can make for that traveler!).

2. Toiletries bag-Another great way to organize and to show some personality.

Eyelash Gold Leather Makeup Bag by Sweet Water Decor

Image: Sweet Water Decor ($20)

3. Luggage tag-Beyond its practical use to identify bags as your own, it also can help you spot your luggage at baggage claim.

Yes I Have Baggage Luggage Tag

Beauty & Accessories (because you can never have enough)

1. Purse/bag-Every traveler needs a trusty bag at their side.  Learn how to wear your travel bag and which type is best for you here.


2. Passport Cover-Protect your passport in style.  I really enjoy my “I’m Outta Here” cover from getaway i'm outta here passport holder

3. Scrunchie-I jumped on the scrunchie train awhile ago, and now I refuse to wear anything but.  Scrunchies provide traveling woman support and still is camera-ready.  Try this one from Lily Ashwell ($6).

Silk Scrunchie - Big

4. Roll-on Perfume-I love perfume, but I get panicky packing a bottle of perfume in my suitcase.  Roll-on perfume minimizes risk as spilling becomes a non-issue.  Try Lavender Fields’ French Vegan Lavender Roll On Perfume ($14).

5. Sleeping mask-You’re one step closer to lights out on your next flight or car ride.

Yes I'm Sleeping Sleeping Mask

Photography (because one is worth a thousand words)

1. Prints-In a digital age, spice life up with physical prints.  Click here for 25 free square prints.

2. Wood prints-Spice up your mantel or countertop with your favorite print on a wooden block.  Score 40% off on Cyber Monday with code CYBER40  and 25% off large custom wood prints.

3. Instagram Photo Book-Combine your pictures to tell the story of your trip.

Blurb Instagram Photo Book - Make and Print a Book with Instagram Photos

DIY (because your hands need something to do)

1. Travel Prints-Old book pages, a black marker and a steady hand come together to create a unique piece fit for your wall.DIY Travel Prints Wanderlust by Round Trip Travel

2. Travel Mason Jar-Motivate yourself to save money for your next adventure.DIY Travel Mason Jar | Round Trip Travel

3. Travel Bulletin Board-Combine your favorite snapshots, magazine clippings, postcards and other tidbits from your last trip.Version 2

Decor (because your walls need some TLC)

1. Maps-Display your favorite city as a blueprint like this one of New York from Moorea Seal.

New York Map

2. Travel quotes-If picking a location to showcase on your wall is too difficult, choose a travel-themed quote.

Wander Wall Hanging

the ultimate holiday gift guide for travelers

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