Round Trip Roundup: DECEMBER

"How am I supposed to slow it down so I can figure out who I am?"  This Judah & the Lion lyric resonates with me greatly looking back on this past month, semester and year overall.  It's true what they say about life getting faster the older you get.  Here's a quick recap on the [...]


When Your Year Wasn’t What You’d Hoped For

Think about where you were 365 days ago.  When I think about where I was one year ago, the wind gets knocked out of me; that person just seems so much younger, more inexperienced and less mature—and it’s true.  Reflecting on this year is quite the workout.  I lived in Toulouse, France for the summer [...]

The Ins & Outs of Israel According to an Expat

For as long as Clemency Neville can remember, she’s wanted to visit Israel.  But merely traveling there isn’t enough for this Brit; cultural immersion is much better.  When her aunt passed along a possible internship in Israel in the anti-human trafficking field—a big passion of hers—Clemency hopped on the opportunity.  Months later, she says it [...]

Inside a Road Trip through Iceland

It honestly was an accident the way Laura Miserez decided to go on a trip to Iceland.  Two of her lifelong friends, Lauren and Brooke Micke, had already started planning their trip to Iceland and mentioned it to Laura.  Naturally, she told them how jealous she was, and they extended an invite—which she didn’t take [...]

Girls’ Weekend In KC

Growing up with extended family who lived in Kansas City, I’ve been there more times than I can count.  And it’s for that reason that I’ve taken the gem of a city for granted; I’ve only ever been to their houses and haven't seen the city. But recently some gal pals invited me for a [...]