Round Trip Roundup: FEBRUARY

The fact that I started drafting on the last day of the month might give you a clue that I've been beyond swamped.  And even when I looked back, the last 28 days just seem like a random slew of events.  It's been such a sweet month with many firsts, but at the same time, [...]


How to Fight Burnout and Find Inspiration

We’ve all been there: Looking at your laptop with nothing to type.  Reading your full agenda with no motivation to start your to-do list.  Laying in your bed with no end in sight to senseless scrolling through social media.  And it doesn’t bother you—and then it bothers you that it doesn’t bother you. I get [...]

QUIZ: Which City Are You Crushing On?

Heart aflutter.  Breath stolen.  Jaw dropped.  Reality suspended—for a moment.  Travel makes me giddy.  An unexplored city to discover, to know and to love is one of my favorite things.  It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m sitting here crushing about cities.  (Yes, I wrote a love letter to travel.) Some cities make us say, “eh, I [...]

11 Things to Do in New York City

It really is like the movies: bright lights, constant energy, the hustle and bustle.  My trip to New York City was an absolute dream even though it was below freezing for the majority of my stay.  New York bleeds an attitude of fierce ambition; New Yorkers are a proud breed—and rightfully so.  The area is [...]