Round Trip Roundup: MARCH

Sometimes I don't have much to say at the end of the month.  I think, well I did a bunch of homework and hung out with friends and worked out–same ole, same ole.  This month is quite the exception.  Just scrolling through my camera roll, I realized what an incredible, sweet, exciting, wonderful month this [...]


When Life Feels Like a Blur

It’s not like I didn’t know.  Parents, older siblings, friends, mentors—really anyone—have told me that life flashes before my eyes.  I often find myself wishing life would just slow down.  It is beyond me that I’m almost halfway done with college, that this time last year I was preparing for a summer in Europe, that [...]

How History Enhances Your Travel Experience

Strolling along the Seine and savoring a croissant buttered with Nutella in Paris is a dream for many, but Diana Stegall made her hope of living in Paris a reality.  Her love of France budded during her study abroad experience in 2009 as a “googly-eyed” college girl with dreams of the Eiffel Tower in her [...]

Postcard from Abroad: Munich, Germany

I’ve been drooling this entire semester.  My best friend Riley is studying abroad for a semester in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and as if living in Europe weren’t enough, she gets ample opportunity to travel around on the weekends.  Although I can’t be in Europe, I’ve loved looking through all her photos from trips to places [...]

5 Blogging Tools that are Worth the Investment

College and full bank accounts are most definitely mutually exclusive.  There have been times when I’ve had to send all my Venmo balance to my bank account to pay bills.  I even had a friend who ate her entire meal at a restaurant, and as the waitress came to the table, my friend opened the [...]