Round Trip Roundup: MARCH

Sometimes I don’t have much to say at the end of the month.  I think, well I did a bunch of homework and hung out with friends and worked out–same ole, same ole.  This month is quite the exception.  Just scrolling through my camera roll, I realized what an incredible, sweet, exciting, wonderful month this has been.  From attending the True False Film Festival to planning a swing dancing event, this month has been nothing short of exhilarating.

1. I met Judah!

I love Judah & the Lion–their vibe, sound, lyrics, shows.  My brother had invited me to their St. Louis show in March months ago to which I, of course, said yes!  Several days before the show he sent me a link to enter a contest to meet the band, but who actually wins these things?  The day before the concert, my brother sends me three short, snappy texts:


“please cancel any plans you have tomorrow morning”

“you have plans now”

I knew the second I saw those texts.  We’d won the contest!  I called him in a frenzy to confirm and then started thinking about what I’d wear–duh!  I opted for my tie-dye cat unicorn tee I bought for $7.50 in the men’s section at Walmart and also wore to the last Judah concert.  New tradition, I guess.  Ryan chose his thrifted Ricky Martin shirt, so let’s just say we were the best dressed people in the room.

We joined the 50 other people above a record store downtown the morning of the show.  When Ryan and I walked up to meet them, I introduced myself: “Hi I’m Kristin.”  “Hi, I’m Judah,” he responded.  Thanks for the refresher, I guess?!  The band wrote their signatures and some of our favorite lyrics, mine being “it’s funny how life still feels like a middle school dance.”  Then they asked us where Ryan and I got our shirts.  LIFE MADE.  Judah & the Lion asked us about our wardrobes, and I’m still not over it.

The concert was lit.  I taught them my legendary rage face.  I’m a happy woman.

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2. Blueprint Coffee

Such swank.  My boyfriend had recommended this coffeeshop to me previously, and I hadn’t thought much about it since.  But after dinner before the Judah concert, my brother and I walked down to the venue and realized we had ample, ample time before it would start.  As we neared the Pageant, I saw Blueprint Coffee and remembered his praise of this coffee spot.  Why not?  Ryan and I stepped into a java land down under, let me tell ya!  He ordered a black coffee.  The barista responded with “We make things complicated here.”  He proceeded to show him a grocery list of different brews to which Ryan responded Colombian.  The barista said, “Which one?”

Let’s just say Blueprint is legit, hot stuff from quality to presentation.  His coffee came in a laboratory flask to be poured into his little mug.  Needing a caffeine hiatus, I ordered hot chocolate: muted yet rich.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

3. Jumpsuits are always the move

I’ve always liked dressing up.  (This is the girl who wore yoga pants in high school maybe twice.)  I like looking classy, but I also really like being comfy.  I bought this darling black jumpsuit with a keyhole back from Marshall’s, and I’m obsessed.  I like pairing it with a pink bralette to peek through the back.  Comfy?  Check.  Cute?  Check.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

4. I’m a mom!

–okay a plant mom but still.  After two sad stories of succulents (one didn’t survive her transplant, the other was dead when I bought him), I decided to jump back in the plant mom game.  It’s a cult, you know.  I bought this sweet little guy and named him Joey Jr. to honor his predecessor.  He’s a cutie and adds a pop of life into my day.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

5. Real, meaningful relationship advice via Verily

One of the reasons I absolutely adore Verily is because it’s real.  They don’t rely on Photoshop to create distorted reality, and their writing is raw, emotional, practical and uplifting.  This article was no exception.  I’m not married, but I love learning more about what a healthy relationship should look like.  This article gives a nod to the honeymoon phase (it’s called limerence in scientific terms) but talks about what happens when that wears off.  I love their emphasis on growing emotional and spiritual intimacy along with celebrating each other’s differences.  Snaps for relationship advice beyond the typical front page “new things to try in bed” magazine stands.

This month has been nothing short of an adventure, and I mean that in the sweetest way.  From meeting one of my favorite bands to adding a new succulent to my home, March was a winner.

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