Round Trip Roundup: APRIL

April is truly one of the craziest months.  Summer is on the horizon, and the semester is quickly wrapping up.  This month saw some short day/weekend trips and a flurry of activity.  Here’s a look at my top 5 for the month:

1. A weekend in good ole Saint Louie

Cue that Daughtry song “Home” that will forever remind me of American Idol–I digress.  This month I took a weekend trip home with Cate to watch some of our friends run a half-marathon.  We tried out the new Shake Shack and had a fun gal pal road trip.Jewel Box Green House Forest Park STLShake Shack St Louis MOLindell St Louis Homes

2. Real talk on busy women via Verily

A spare moment is rare for me, which is why I resonated Verily’s”Busy is What I Am, not Who I Am.”  The author talks about the comparison between European and American cultures and shares her own verdict: “I don’t need to strain to be more like the Europeans, and similarly, I don’t need to strain to always be more. I can pursue happiness by chasing the career I love and taking advantage of the free time I do have, rather than dwelling on what I don’t.”

3. Opposites attract

I’m wound tightly, very much a type A person.  Living in France definitely grew me in the ability to adapt to a slower pace of life and to be okay with not being on the dot.  It’s still my tendency, but this month I’ve been learning to appreciate and learn from my type B friends.  Sometimes I look at my friends and think, wow, how are we even friends?  We are completely opposite.  But each day I’m learning that our strengths are in differences.  We can sharpen, challenge and teach each other.  I’m learning that it’s okay to not be right on time and to be a little spontaneous.

Kait Kristin Round Trip Travel Carnival

4. Journalism conference

I attended the Women in Journalism conference at the University of Missouri, and while I couldn’t attend all of it, I enjoyed the few sessions I went to.  We talked about self-care, and one of the speaker’s shared the graphic below.  And I’m obsessed and want to make one of my own little self-care bingo chart.

5. Throwback to childhood courtesy of a petting zoo

It’s been a hot sec since I’ve been to a petting zoo, maybe because I’m an adult and don’t have children.  But it was so fun to have a little blast to the past and hang with some cute goats and llamas.

Petting Zoo April Roundup Round Trip

This month was filled to the brim with activity, and I know May will be even crazier. Looking forward to the sweet, restful summer, which is on its way!!

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