Round Trip Roundup: MAY

May is truly one of the best months as school winds down and summer picks up. Crazy stressful as it might be, this month is full of celebration and anticipation.  Looking ahead, I’ve made some goals for the summer, but I’m choosing to reflect on my top 5 from the month:

1. Brunch is always the answer

But you already knew that. This month our small group hit up our favorite local brunch spot where I put down some gluten-free French toast, seasoned potatoes and coffee. Even better than the eats and tranquil outdoor seating, it was so refreshing to reflect and celebrate this past year. A mere 9 months ago, we were strangers. Now we’ve walked through happy times, hard times and everything in between. We enjoyed talking about our summers–some of us will stay put in mid-Missouri, others will go to Africa, another to Japan, another to Honduras. Take time to celebrate how your friends have blessed you and how you’ve each grown.Habit and Heart Round Trip Cafe Berlin Columbia MOCafe Berlin Small Group Round Trip Columbia Mo2. Don’t forget where you belong

I’m trying not to belt “hooooooooold onnn” from the One Direction song with this title. But in all honesty, it’s something I need to remind myself. I crave independence, making it easy to forget the people who made me who I am today. This month saw good family time around the dinner table and quality time with my mom as she helped me move.  I also got to meet my boyfriend’s family, which helps me understand him and his upbringing better.  Family drives you crazy and you can’t get rid of them, but they stick with you through thick and thin and provide a safe space.

3. Those friends you can’t rid of (and never ever want to!)

I don’t keep in touch with many people from high school, and I’m okay with that.  I prefer quality over quantity, especially when it comes to friendships.  Riley and I became friends in high school, and while college took us hundreds of miles away from each other (and thousands when she studied abroad and when I lived in France).  But this month she visited me for a week!  Our friendship has looked so different over the years, but it’s so precious for its longevity and loyalty.IMG_84234. Travel wherever you are

You don’t need a plane ticket or a full bank account to travel.  No, it may not be a cruise in the Caribbean or skydiving in the Alps, but there’s always more to explore.  I’ve grown up in St. Louis, but this month I stepped foot in a neighborhood I never had before.  Kait and I brunched in Soulard, and I’m still thinking about those dreamy brick houses.Soulard Coffee Garden Cafe Backyard OutdoorProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset5. A chat with Juliana Dever from ABC’s Castle

This month I shared my post featuring my interview with Juliana Dever on travel, fear and facing the unknown.  She too grew up in St. Louis, and so many times as she shared how travel has changed her, I thought, me too!  “Everything else out there you just automatically paint it with this ‘oh it’s probably scary, don’t do it’ brush, right?” she said. “The more you know, the more you realize it’s not scary; it’s just different, and different can be fantastic.”

Juliana Dever walking away bouganvillea

Photo courtesy of Juliana Dever

This month has been a crazy whirl of being on the road, enjoying quality time, moving into my house and experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions.  May was jam-packed, and I’m looking forward to routine and consistency this summer–fingers crossed!

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