Round Trip Roundup: JUNE

I'm not sure why summer is famed for its supposed lazy vacation days because there hasn't been a moment off this past month!  Although a change of pace from the semester, my summer has been bustling with activity from a spelunking daddy-daughter double date to a new workout class.  Here's my top 5 from the… Continue reading Round Trip Roundup: JUNE


Not Your Grandma’s Travel Advice

Originally published on Girl with a Planner. I love my grandma; I really do.  As kids, we’d go to the dollar store with her to pick out toys.  My siblings and I went to her house to play dress up with her colorful scarves and watch poorly-made VHS tapes about trolls.  Even though we can… Continue reading Not Your Grandma’s Travel Advice


Confessions of a Study Abroad Student

Sitting in an American classroom with a French textbook can only do so much.  Sure, it provides the base to succeed once abroad, but touching down on French soil is an entirely different experience.  I worked in Toulouse, France last summer and love learning to travel deeper, but have never experienced a traditional study abroad… Continue reading Confessions of a Study Abroad Student