5 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is a dream when I’m sitting in my car in the middle of December as I can see my breath and my leg hair pokes through my leggings.  Funny how it’s July, and I’m itching for fall because the humid heat is smothering me (and my hair).  Mid-Missouri hasn’t been too kind to me with temperatures staying in the 90s and inching towards the 100s, and that’s not even accounting for the heat index.  Blech.

But life goes on despite the gross heat.  Here’s 5 ways to beat the heat this summer:5 easy ways to beat the summer heat1. Plan any outdoor activities or errands in the early morning or late evening

Beating the heat might mean being flexible.  If I’m in and out of the car while running errands, I like going when the sun isn’t at its peak.  I love taking walks and am not going to forego those just because it’s disgustingly hot.  It means rearranging my schedule and switching my walks to the evening.

2. Pick chilly spots for social time with friends

When it’s hot, I want nothing more than to lay on the couch in the A/C and never leave the house, but life can’t stop when the sun rages.  This means transferring social time to ice cream or coffee dates where we can cool off in the air-conditioning.  If you’re still looking to enjoy some time outside, consider a more shaded hike or a trip to the pool. Rock Bridge State Park Missouri3. Enjoy the outdoors on the inside

But nature is so fun, you say.  True but fret not!  Bring the outside in by letting natural light into your home.  My roommate and I like to sit at our table by our sliding door and use the sliding door to soak up the light.  I love watercoloring as the light trickles into our kitchen.

4. Ease the discomfort 

It may be uncomfy hot, but make it a little easier on your toasty body.  Creak the windows a few inches to get some air flow while you’re in and out of stores.  Stay hydrated while you’re out and about—I grab a La Croix to go when I’m out for errands.  And think about keeping your fans running even when you’re not home.  (Remember that summer of mine without A/C?  I wish I could…)

5. Cool off with a sweet treat

Sometimes you just need a chilled treat to beat the heat.  Whether you’re looking for a new strawberry smoothie recipe or a copycat Starbucks tea lemonade, be sure to add lots of ice and cool off.Honeysuckle Gelato Ponce City Market Atlanta GA

Humid heat can be gross, but with some smart planning and air-conditioning, you can beat this summer’s heat like a pro.

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