Round Trip Roundup: JULY

The black car seat leather burns my thighs as I jump in to speed to my Pure Barre class.  Hot air blasts my face, and I fumble with the buttons to find a radio station not playing commercials.  They play the same five songs over and over again–it’s always Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow or some old Lady Gaga song.  Same ole, same ole

I feel like I’ve been through this routine a million times this summer when in actuality it’s only been two months.  Yeah, summer flies, but this one seems to trudge along, dragging its sweaty feet.  The humidity has been rampant, my schedule busy and a long distance relationship frustrating.

On the bright side, the month of July found its routine, which is welcomed warmly by my structured, type A personality.  Here’s my top 5 for the month:

1. Surprising my family for July 4

There’s no place like home for the holidays – and I’m not just talking Christmas.  For July 4, I drove several hours to arrive unannounced at home.  (Thankfully, they were happy to see me!)  July 4 was nothing crazy or special, but it felt good to spend some time with the fam.

2. French Independence Day + a big win!

Just 10 days after America’s independence day comes the big holiday for France.  I wrote a post about how to throw a fantastique Bastille Day party, and as if setting off some fireworks and listening to “La Marseillaise” weren’t enough, France brought home a World Cup win the following day.  Vive la France !Strawberry Lemonade Fête Nationale

3. A little retreat to the Middle of Nowhere, Missouri

As my internship program was winding down, our crew took a retreat out to rural Missouri and stayed in a quaint cabin.  We floated down the river, made a rich s’mores dip dessert, played card games and reflected on the summer.  (Oh, and had several rad buck heads on our walls.)

Lebanon Missouri Riverfront Campground

4. Learning to be faithful in routine

If I made a movie about my life this summer, this would be the title.  This summer wasn’t glamorous – my life consisted of battling heat advisories, going to workout classes, doing my internship and decorating my house.  Compared to last summer spent in France, this summer looks dull on paper, but to be honest, this summer is entirely better than last.  This summer was hard in its own ways, working through big questions and emotional issues.  But I’ll cherish spending Monday nights with friends around the dinner table, walking to work every day and finding my place in my community.

5. Seattle

My brother recently moved out to Seattle, and we spent a few days visiting him and bopping up to Vancouver.  Post to come!Pike Place Market Rooftop Patio Garden Seattle

Summer is settling down, but I’m oh-so jazzed for what the semester has as crazy as August will be.


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