Round Trip Roundup: AUGUST

This month was crazy flurry of chaos, and I'm really looking forward to getting in the swing of September.  August didn't look the way I expected, but there is still such good to celebrate.  Here's my top 5 for the month: 1. Book launch Anotha one.  This month I launched my new book, the Travel [...]


City Guide to Vancouver, Canada

If I'm being honest, I hadn't really thought much about our neighbor up north.  My knowledge of Canada consisted of the following: Their books were always more expensive that American ones; they ate maple syrup, had funny accents and said "sorry" a lot.  (Much of my Canada facts came from How I Met Your Mother, [...]

Travel Thoughts Journal is on the market!

We all have thoughts and stories to tell, but getting them on paper is a whole different issue. And our travel experiences aren't immune to this writer's block. It's during these weeks that we're flooded with emotions and experiences we know we'll cherish, but oftentimes these moments become foggy just months after we return home. [...]

City Guide to Seattle

There’s this cult-like following of the Pacific Northwest.  Other hot vacation spots like Cabo or Florida just don’t compare to the hype surrounding PNW disciples.  At the end of July, I made my first trip to the Pacific Northwest, and I can see why all the fuss—its nature access, perfect weather and stunning views make [...]

Photo Diary: Chihuly Museum in Seattle

"We'll stop by the Space Needle and this glass museum that's highly rated."  My mom had set the itinerary for our trip to Seattle, and while I knew we had to stop by the famed Space Needle, the OG Starbucks and the classic Pike Place Market, I'd never heard of the Chihuly Museum.  How could [...]