5 Things to Do in Seattle

There’s this cult-like following of the Pacific Northwest.  Other hot vacation spots like Cabo or Florida just don’t compare to the hype surrounding PNW disciples.  At the end of July, I made my first trip to the Pacific Northwest, and I can see why all the fuss—its nature access, perfect weather and stunning views make it an ideal place to visit or live.  My brother just moved out to Seattle, and I’m a-okay making visits out to this area.  Here’s what we did on our visit:

Space Needle

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of Seattle, the Space Needle towers high above a park with sculptures.  We didn’t go up, but the structure is pretty neat.  When I return to Seattle, I would love to make my way to the top to get a spectacular view of the city.Space Needle Seattle WashingtonSpace Needle Park Art Structure

Chihuly Garden and Glass museum

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass is home to blown glass sculptures inside and outside.  I’m no art guru, but I enjoy a casual stroll through an art museum.  This spot impressed me and offered both inside and outside components—win, win!Chihuly Museum Seattle Glass CeilingChihuly Museum Greenhouse Floral Glass SeattleBoeing

Seattle is home to both the largest and the fourth largest buildings (by useable volume) in the world—both of them Boeing buildings.  Although we didn’t plan for a tour, we perused the gift shop, free parts of the museum and the extensive lot with so. many. planes.  You may not have heard of Boeing, but if you fly much at all, it’s almost certain that you’ve been on one.Boeing Museum Seattle WashingtonThe OG Starbucks

I really would love to see how much I’ve spent on Starbucks in my lifetime… or maybe not.  (This is coming from the girl who won the senior superlative, “Most Likely to Be Found at Starbucks.”)  I’d heard that the oldest Starbucks wasn’t too impressive, but I still had to go to say I did it.  The rumors were true—the line was several blocks long and it looked like any old Starbucks.  But making the pilgrimage is essential for any Starbucks lover.  I got a good look inside, took a photo by the front window and then walked several blocks to a basically empty Starbucks.First Starbucks Seattle Pike MarketPike Place Market

Dozens of vendors greet you in this market of chaos with stands ranging from jewelry to seafood.  I managed to lose track of my family in this overwhelming spot, but it’s a signature stop of Seattle.  My favorite part of the market was the tranquil retreat from the madness on the market’s rooftop garden overlooking the water.  Pike Place also has a great line of shops to peruse.  The colorful macaron poster of Le Panier on Pike Place caught my eye in the morning—so much so, that we found our way back that afternoon to munch on some macaroons and sip an Orangina.  The fragrance of this patisserie pierced my eyes with nostalgia.  It transported me to a place thousands of miles away, to a moment from months ago—to Le Poussin Bleu, a bakery just 10 minutes away from my French apartment last summer.  And the quality of these macarons in Seattle fared well, better than most but still no authentic, high-end French pastry.Pike Place Market Seattle Round TripPike Place Market Seattle Washington FoodPike Place Market Garden SeattlePike Place Market Rooftop Patio Garden Seattle

I truly only got a taste of Seattle, but I’m looking forward to returning to see family and to explore the city more.

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