Travel Thoughts Journal is on the market!

We all have thoughts and stories to tell, but getting them on paper is a whole different issue. And our travel experiences aren’t immune to this writer’s block. It’s during these weeks that we’re flooded with emotions and experiences we know we’ll cherish, but oftentimes these moments become foggy just months after we return home.

You may not be a writer by profession, but your thoughts and stories matter.  And now you have the space to document them with unique questions to kindle your mind.

I released the Travel Thoughts Journal, a 12-day guided journaling experience to achieve deep, meaningful adventures.  Each day gives you space to write down the happenings of the day and asks you different questions to help you delve into your day more – not just what did you do today?  Each day even has an entire page to glue or tape in little itty bitties you pick up throughout the day like a museum brochure or ticket and blank pages for when you really get the pen moving.  Its 5×8 size makes it easy to throw in your carryon or travel backpack so that you can indulge in the adventures awaiting you.


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